Freelance Bookkeeper Jobs: Networking Tips

If you're good at numbers and record keeping, there are numerous freelance bookkeeper jobs available that you might find helpful in building a business. Networking in the community can help you land freelance bookkeeper jobs where you can showcase your talents.

Freelance Bookkeeper Duties

A freelance bookkeeper has many duties ranging from writing monthly paychecks to keeping records of day-to-day expenses for a variety of businesses. You should have a good understanding of balancing budgets, banking and spreadsheets in order to be a reliable bookkeeper.

Contact Small Businesses

A good place to start looking for freelance bookkeeping gigs is at local small business meetings. These are typically held at chamber of commerce meetings on a monthly basis at a local restaurant venues. Bring business cards and rates sheets and mingle to share your experience as a bookkeeper.

Look into Schools and Colleges

Check with community colleges in your area or even elementary and secondary schools that have a finance department. Call your own kids' schools or visit the college or community college you attended to see if there are any openings for a bookkeeper. Various departments use bookkeepers in different ways, so it is important to find out exactly what each requires.

Check Hospitals and Clinics

Almost all hospitals have a finance department or farm out their work to a freelance bookkeeper or record keeper. Contact hospitals in your neighborhood and ask for the Human Resources Department that will know of possible openings. Smaller clinics often do their own bookkeeping and record keeping, so they might be more likely to hire a freelance bookkeeper.

Call Doctors' Offices

Doctor's offices that are running a private practice or limited practice may have a need for a bookkeeper to keep track of records, patient information, employee paychecks and the like. Call your local doctors office and ask to speak with the office manager who might know if the office is in need of a freelance bookkeeper. You can also check your local community phone book and cold call physicians offices and ask for the office manager to see if they already have a bookkeeper.

Contact Hair Salons

Many hair salons are too busy to do their own bookkeeping and may hire or farm out their work. Contact hair salons in your neighborhood in addition to calling on your own salon to offer your services. Inquire to see if you can possibly barter for services or perhaps fill in if the regular bookkeeper goes on vacation or ultimately, does not work out.

Perform Regular Online Searches

Go online and look for bookkeeper job openings on job and career boards. You can also look for local trade organizations in the field that might have meetings or social gatherings.

Hire a Recruiter

You can also try and hire a recruiter or head hunter who might have job leads to connections to larger companies who hire out for a bookkeeper. Keep in mind, however, that you might have to pay this person a fee if they do find you a bookkeeping position. Ask up front before signing any agreements or contracts so you won't be surprised later on.