Freelance Bookkeeping Job Search Tips

A freelance bookkeeping job search can turn up some very good jobs and can also lead to more work. Some freelance bookkeepers can balance several paying jobs at once, too, so this is good work if you can get it.

Freelance Bookkeeping Job Search Issues

Freelance bookkeeping can involve a range of types of work. It may also involve traveling to business sites and other arrangements with employers. That’s an issue in a job search because the work has to be worth the extra effort. Another issue can be client relationships. Working with other people’s books can be a sensitive and sometimes stressful situation, and you need to be aware of that possibility when applying for jobs.

The selection of jobs has to be based on work value. You can make very good money in this work, but you can also cost yourself money in terms of time. Check each job for any possible drawbacks and select jobs for which your time management and returns on effort make good business sense.

Freelance Bookkeeping Job Search Online

This type of work includes a range of options. Most of the work is for small businesses, but there may also be work for independent professionals and other self-employed people who need some backup with their books.

Those factors matter when job hunting online. You’ll see quite a few different types of people looking for bookkeepers, and in this line of work, you can also find plenty of extra work through seasonal work at tax time and, in some cases, during reporting periods.

Fortunately for job hunters, “bookkeeping” is a good search term, and the search results usually don’t include accountancy work. (If you’re an accountant looking for a bookkeeping job, there are crossover jobs available, depending on the employer.)

Freelance bookkeeping jobs are also easy to find on freelance sites. There’s one particular US site called www.iFreelance, which is all freelance work. Freelance sites are very useful for picking up contract work.

Other Freelance Bookkeeping Job Search Options

Cold canvassing: Cold canvassing is particularly effective in this line of business. Freelance bookkeeping can find you a lot of work locally. Retailers and other businesses are usually snowed under with paperwork, and they’ll be grateful for help when they need it. Most of these jobs pay average returns, but the demand is consistent, particularly when they know you’re doing a good job and saving them from an 18-hour day in the process. 

You can introduce yourself to the local businesses with a simple “letter drop” approach. This is also the cheapest and most straightforward way of advertising your business.

Note: Smaller local businesses may give you plenty of work when you are cold canvassing. Larger businesses may be good for temporary fill-in work but not for ongoing business in most cases.

Networking: This is an option, provided you have the business contacts. The market for services is likely to be much the same as with the cold canvassing option. The positive side of networking in this instance is that you can also find good quality work through your contacts, and the chances of finding ongoing work are reasonably good.