Freelance Business Writing Job Search Tips

Freelance business writing job search is pretty complicated. There are many different types of business writing, and the freelance jobs are usually contract work. This is an unusual market, and you need to be able to recognize good and bad jobs when you see them, when searching.

Getting Started: The Freelance Business Writing Job Market, Explained

Job quality is a big issue in this market. Some jobs are truly excellent, and you can produce good quality work, not hack materials or mere blurbs. These are great portfolio jobs, and they’re your key to a good income and career.

In business writing, you’re judged by what you’ve had published. You can get jobs with major publishers, if you’re patient. You do have to prove you can do the jobs, and that’s where the hard slog writing comes in, creating good content.  You can build quite a broad based portfolio over the course of a few different jobs.

There are several areas of business writing which are particularly useful:

  • Journalism: These are actually freelance journalism jobs, and they allow a lot of flexibility and control over content.
  • Press releases: The other side of the coin, writing for the business sector. This is an education in itself, and you’ll find this sort of work much in demand.
  • Analyses: Harder to get jobs, but good to show your knowledge and write strong material.
  • Market niche write-ups: These are commissioned pieces, and often pay well, serving niche markets like the resources or financial sectors.

These are contract jobs, and often pay quite well. You will be hit with deadlines, content issues, and the normal editorial processes doing this sort of work. Learn from the experience, because you’re really being told first hand what your market wants and needs. 

Freelance Business Writing Job Search Online

Important: Don’t bother with the big job boards unless you’re likely to get something useful with the search results you’ll get for jobs including the word “writing”.

These jobs include:

  • Technical writing
  • Report writing
  • Copywriting
  • Blog writing

The best sites are by far the specialist sites like , a big all purpose US freelance site with plenty of jobs for writers.

The “bidding sites” are particularly useful for seeing what jobs are in demand, and the types of payment available. This market knowledge will save you a lot of time and effort in finding what you want.

The most important aspect of job search for freelance business writing is finding the best jobs with the most opportunities to build your portfolio. “Name brand” jobs are often the best. These are names that mean something when you mention them to other publishers, advertising agencies, websites, and marketing content creation agencies.

Checking Out Freelance Business Writing Jobs

Like any freelance jobs, there are good jobs and those you should really avoid. Start by checking out the content produced by the employer. If that’s up to standard, investigate the basic employment situation.

The important factors in checking out a freelance business writing job are:

  • Content type and standards
  • Payment rates
  • Reliability of payment
  • Any complaints online about the employer or payment?
  • Corporate culture issues?
  • Editorial policy?

There are great jobs to be found. Just make sure you find them.