Freelance Consulting Job Search Tips

Freelance consulting in its various forms is becoming a major sector of employment in all industries. This type of work is for experts in their fields, and it’s also very competitive. In each industry there are niches for consultant work.

The Work Environment

Types of work in consultancy include:

  • Project work
  • Business specialties
  • Media consultancies
  • Product design
  • Finance
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Employment
  • Personal life mentoring

There are too many types of consultancy to go into detail about a specific form, but this range is based on demand. Hiring an expert is good practice, and in terms of the value of freelance consulting for clients it’s also good business.

The Work Environment

This is a very variable work environment. There are multiple elements in professional consultancies, some negative. It must be emphasized that consultancies are very complex in some cases, and the level of personal commitment can be very high.

  • Clients: Consultancies are driven by the business motif of the employment situation, which can vary considerably between clients. Freelance consulting is a primarily client oriented type of work, which can create some issues in terms of relationships. It’s advisable to conduct a preliminary meeting with the client to set up the job, to ensure that the communications and business issues are acceptable.  
  • Consultancy issues: Consultancies by definition involve sometimes sensitive areas of business. The degrees of sensitivity in business can be extreme, and confidentiality is often a requirement. It’s recommended that you research the situation regarding the client’s needs in depth, and make sure that you’re fully aware of any sensitive issues related to your work.  (This is particularly the case in product development, finance, and some business consultancies, where the legal issues may be onerous.)
  • Contracts: The jobs are basically contract jobs, but at this level the contracts can be complex. If you’re at all in doubt about contract issues, it’s recommended to have a friendly lawyer on standby to check out any situations where you’re not clear on the terms or conditions of the contract. (Important: Check out the termination provisions in the contract. These should also give you an out, if you need one.)

Finding Freelance Consulting Jobs Online

The freelance consulting job market is very big, and the online market is a reliable indicator of much of the work available. There’s a US site called, which is a useful benchmark for freelance consulting work.

If you check out the service providers, you’ll find that the types of service offered vary a lot, even in the same fields. Freelance consulting work is often niche jobs for specialists. Sites like are good for researching the market and the market rates for services.  is a bidding site, where providers offer quotes for contracts. The competitive element in freelance consulting is important, and making a few experimental bids of your own is a good way of testing the market.


Networking is a common, if not infallible, method of getting freelance consulting jobs. The best jobs in this mode come through professional colleagues who can also tell you about job quality, and have local knowledge of the situation with the client.