Freelance Copywriting Job Search Tips

In the freelance copywriting profession, getting clients is of the utmost importance. Making yourself highly visible to potential employers is critical. In this article, we'll briefly look at ways you can get those all-important writing assignments.

Sell Yourself

Competition is very fierce in freelance copywriting. You need to constantly sell yourself as the best possible choice for copywriting and get that message out so prospective clients see it. Maintaining a current portfolio of your best work is a must. If there are copywriting jobs you've done in the past that you're particularly proud of, keep copies of those in your portfolio as examples. If past clients have been complimentary, include those compliments in the portfolio. If you are just starting out and haven't completed any jobs yet, then write what you feel is your best work and use it as an example.

Diversify your writing skills. Write copy for a wide variety of businesses and interests. Provide examples of your versatility. Here are some possible writing choices you might include in your portfolio:

  • Wrote detailed product descriptions for industrial catalog
  • Wrote advertising copy for local department stores
  • Helped write course descriptions for a major university

The more kinds of writing you do, the more possible clients there are!

Using the Internet

A presence on the World Wide Web is practically a must for any freelancer. Your audience of potential clients becomes almost limitless when you sell yourself on the internet. Create your own personalized web page to demonstrate your skills and attract clients. Your web page becomes your online portfolio. Not only can the page provide work examples, but you can include a blog with writing tips and advice. Biographical details can also be provided so clients can get to know you. A well designed web page can attract thousands of viewers a day!

You can also make use of the many social media websites to get your name out to the public. A professional Facebook page highlighting your writing is a great tool. Just don't mix up your "personal" Facebook page with your "professional" page. A lot of potential jobs can be lost because of some funny or off-color personal remark winds up linked to your "professional" page. The social website LinkedIn is a popular choice of many freelancers trying to attract clients.

There are also many freelance-oriented job search sites available on the web. One of the best of these is This site is extremely easy to use and allows you to search literally thousands of freelance copywriting jobs. You can also advertise your own services on this site.


Good old-fashioned networking will provide many good job leads. If former clients were happy with your services, don't be afraid to ask them if they know of anybody else who could use a good copywriter. Let those former clients know you are still available for work by sending out reminders in the form of email, direct mail or even an occasional phone call. Even sticking a business card on a community bulletin board can do the trick!

The main thing is, keep your name where people can see it constantly.