Freelance Data Entry Job Search Tips

If you are looking to avoid being tied down to an office job, freelance data entry is a great opportunity for you to choose your own work and work from the comfort of your home. This field is rapidly expanding as more and more employers are looking to hire others to do their data entry work for them. The competition for lucrative data entry jobs is fierce, so it pays to find out some inside tips on freelance data entry. The article offers some of these basic tips.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

As a freelancer, you may be called on to do several types of data entry. Most break down into two broad categories.

  • "Straight" data entry--This is basically a simple process of transferring information such as names, addresses, Social Security numbers into a new database. A sharp eye, good typing speed and attention to detail are necessary.
  • "Transcription" data entry--In these jobs, you are listening to spoken information and transcribing it verbatim into a document. This work requires special audio processing software and equipment. The transcriber will need excellent hearing and the ability to work at high speed and often must understand complicated terminology. Medical and legal transcription are the two largest varieties of transcription data entry, but almost any business that depends on the spoken word can use a transcriber. These jobs tend to pay more than "straight" transcription--sometimes, much more.

Getting the Jobs

There is no shortage of data entry work available. In fact, the amount of freelance data entry opportunities is growing at a huge rate, as businesses of all kinds are trying to convert information into new digital forms. As you might imagine, the competition between freelancers to get these jobs is intense and even brutal. Only those who know exactly where to look and market themselves aggressively stand a chance of getting lucrative data entry assignments.

A freelance worker has many online resources to find and apply to legitimate data entry positions. One of the best is This easy-to-navigate website allows you to browse many freelance data entry jobs to find one that suits you. You can also create a profile and advertise your own services. If you are going to post a profile on this site, treat it as you would a resume. Focus on your strengths, skills and experience. Proofread the profile to make certain there are no errors. No potential employer is looking for a data entry person who can't even get his or her own profile correct!

A Word of Warning!

The world of "work-at-home" data entry jobs is full of scams. Any potential data entry employer who asks you for a "one-time fee" is to be avoided. Also, any employer asking you to buy expensive equipment is likely a scammer. Do some research on the company--if a lot of complaints are associated with it, you'll know to avoid it.

It requires a lot of persistence and determination to land freelance data entry jobs, but the rewards are worth it!