Freelance Editing Jobs: Networking Tips

Performing freelance editing jobs can be a great way to gain experience in the field before landing a full time job.

Freelance editing jobs could range from either working at a local newspaper office proofing articles, helping to check advertising copy at an ad firm or working on a simple newsletter for a local school.

Gaining Experience is Key

Regardless of how you get your start as a freelance editor, the more hands-on experience you can earn along the way, the more marketable you will be for future long-term positions.

Here are some ways to network when looking for freelance editing jobs in and around your neighborhood or community.

School Board Meetings

Attending local school board meetings where parents and educational experts congregate can be a good way of landing freelance editing jobs. Many schools produce regular monthly newsletters for staff, students and parents that might need editing assistance. Introduce yourself as a freelance editor in the neighborhood once the meeting adjourns or try and get to the meeting before it starts.

Chamber of Commerce

Another way of spreading the word about your freelance editing techniques and abilities is to make yourself present at a morning chamber of commerce meeting. Sometimes, chambers also have late afternoon mixers or after-work meetings that you can also attend and mingle with business owners who are also attending. There could be a number of business owners who might need help editing their marketing or advertising copy or other literature before it is handed out to customers.

Free Magazines

Most cities or neighborhoods have several free magazines that are sent via mail to those in the community. Call and ask the editor or the publisher if the publication needs to be proof read before it is printed or goes out to clients.

Local Newspapers

One of the best places to gain editing experience is at your local newspaper where staffs have been cut due to slow sales. Newspapers today tend to rely on freelance reporters to cover news and freelance editors to edit papers. Contact the publisher or editor in chief and ask if you can come in and talk about possibly performing some freelance editing tasks.

Real Estate Companies

There are real estate companies who might need a freelance copy editor to edit, write or proof advertising copy, home brochures and other marketing collateral. Contact your local Realtors and ask if they need someone to make sure their copies go out perfect.

Call on Ad Agencies

Contact advertising agencies as well as public relations firms in your neighborhood or city and ask if they need anyone to edit newsletters, print ads, and the like. It is best to make contact with the principle of the company or the head of the firm for such jobs.

Look Up Non-Profit Groups

Look in your local phone book or community directory to see what non-profit agencies are in your neighborhood. Contact them directly to see if they need someone to edit their brochures, newsletters and other marketing collateral. They may not be able to pay for the service, but you will gain experience that could be invaluable.