Freelance Engineer: Job Search Tips

If you’re a freelance engineer you’ve got one of the most portable, and one of the most in demand skill sets in the world. Job search is a matter of choices and job quality, but the actual searching process can be irritating, involving too much reading and not enough job applications. The sheer number of “engineering” jobs is a problem, particularly if you’re a specialist or an experienced engineer looking for portfolio work and career progression. We’ve got a few suggestions about how to deal with that situation.

Freelance Engineer Job Search Online

The word “engineer” is the problem when searching online. Some of these search results can be 20 pages. That’s quite useless for efficient searching, because anything that looks interesting out of 200 results can take a while to find and read, then you have to assess the chances of getting the job.

As a freelance engineer, what you need are contract jobs. Searching “contracts + engineer” is a useful way of removing other types of work. For specialists and those looking for particular types of work, the best option is searching unique engineering terms in those fields. It automatically cuts out any irrelevant work. Consider the terms which must be included in a description of the work you’re after, and you’ll create a reliable search schematic for yourself. You may also have a second preference, which you can search the same way.

Freelance engineers may additionally need to consider on alternative job options. The great advantage of engineering is that you’re able to operate in several areas of engineering work. In many cases design, or even consultancies, are real opportunities for freelancers. This type of work is plentiful in all fields of engineering.

If you’re able to use CAD systems, they can also be great income earners. A lot of businesses outsource engineering jobs because it’s far more cost efficient for them than employing in house engineers, and that’s where you can achieve a lot in terms of career progression. Some project jobs in construction, for example, are not only big money jobs but excellent credentials for other jobs.

Specialist Freelance Sites

One real option for freelance engineers is the online bidding site. There’s a site called iFreelance, which is a bidding site for projects. The site lets you see the freelance market, assess jobs consider your quote position, and check out what other freelance engineers are doing. When you’ve signed up for this site you can also post your own services online. (When you do this, make sure your presentation of materials looks good, and covers all your areas of expertise.)

Other Freelance Engineer Job Search Options

Cold canvassing: In engineering, you’re likely to be a welcome caller in several industries and professions which are always looking for assistance in some way:

  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Product engineering
  • Design

Contract jobs in these areas can mean excellent regular pay. For employers, outsourcing this work makes contracting you a cost saving exercise, because the employers can budget on a fee, not a salary.

Consultancies: For experts, consultancies are actually a natural career progression. Experienced freelance engineers can also compete for contracts very effectively on merit, and in many cases undercut top heavy competitors. Some consulting contracts can be very big money.