Freelance Fashion Design Job Networking Tips

Entering the world of freelance fashion design not only takes diligence and drive, but also talent and connections in the competitive fashion world.

Before you can even land a position at a top design house or alongside a major or minor fashion designer, you should try to gain experience. The best way to accomplish this is by networking among your peers and other professionals in the industry.

Lots of Options

There are a number of networking ideas that could help you get your foot in the door of the fashion world. From attending a local fashion meeting to calling on big department stores, any form of networking can help you in the long term.

Department Stores

Many department stores put on fashion shows for customers in any given month, which means they might need help pulling these events together. While the stores may have their own department heads that do this, they might have need for a freelance fashion designer’s help. Contact the head of the store and ask for any possible opportunities.

Local Boutiques

If you have a favorite boutique that you like to shop or visit, ask the owner for some names of the local designer clothing she carries in the shop. Contact these designers and ask if they could use an intern or an apprentice with their fashion lines. You can also ask the boutique owner if she would like to carry any of your designs sometime in the near future. Schedule a time to share your portfolio and designs with her.

Design Schools

Contact local design schools to see if any instructors may need an apprentice or intern to help them in class or outside of class. The instructor might also have some ideas on how you can obtain some freelance fashion design experience, too. Also, contact the admissions office and ask how/or if you can teach a fashion design class the next term.

Join Trade Groups

Check out local design trade groups and organizations that hold regular meetings. Attend the meetings where you can mix and mingle with other designers in the field who might be able to offer leads or ideas on how to find design jobs.

Local Theater

Call on local theater or performing arts groups in your city to see if they need someone to work on costumes or sets. Most of the groups have someone in charge like a director who might give you a break and hire you to work on the current production. If you land one production, it means several weeks or months worth of freelance design work. You might also work your way into becoming a regular freelance designer for the shows if your work is good.

Vocational Schools

Look among local vocational schools for fashion design classes that they are offering and ask if you can help or teach such a class. Offer to help the current instructor or pitch the director or person in charge an idea for a new class. If they have no need at the moment, keep in contact with the person every few months as schedules can change quickly.