Freelance Flash Design Job Search Tips

Freelance Flash design is one of the great, in demand, and most portable skills in media. This is an extremely competitive field, but the level of demand is making freelance flash design a popular area for freelancers who enjoy the challenges as well as the creative options.

Freelance Flash Design Job Hunting Issues

Most of the freelance Flash design jobs are contract jobs. They’re common across the internet, and these jobs include a range of job quality issues:

  • Income vs. time: If you’re a freelancer, the value of time in relation to income isn’t an academic issue. The jobs must pay enough, in gross, to justify the use of time which could be spent on finding higher paying work. Paying bills and covering expenses requires good management, and  although some freelance Flash design jobs can pay extremely well, these issues must be born in mind.
  • Portfolio values: Getting Freelance Flash design work is very much based on your portfolio, particularly for expert Flash designers. The better the commercial value of the work, the more useful these jobs are for getting higher paying jobs.

Some freelance Flash design jobs are extremely basic, low level “grunt” jobs which have much lower portfolio values than others. These jobs justify their existence, and your use of time, more on the basis of income than actual content. The basic rule is “The better the job quality, the higher the portfolio values."

Freelance Flash Design Job Search Online

The big job boards can be a problem when you’re looking for freelance Flash design work. It’s advisable to use terms which involve clear areas of subject matter for your Flash designs.  The “Flash” search term is useful, but it will also find the jobs you don’t want, often in large numbers. You need a qualifier to the “Flash” term to increase your search performance.

Some categories are surprisingly useful. The Advertising category is a typical case, where Flash is now a common medium. These jobs can be excellent, pay well, the portfolio values are very good, and this work can lead to a lot of return business. This industry requires reliable performance and deadline based deliveries, so it can produce great results for freelance Flash designers who can handle the pace.

Freelance job sites are another good option. The bidding sites, like the big US site iFreelance, are good indicators of the types and values of the work available in this field. On iFreelance, you can also post a profile if you sign up, and do some self promotion using links to demonstrate your skills. Also check out the other providers, and see the standards of work on the market.

Note: This particular site also includes a range of related work which may be suitable for extra business for internet tech experts, including web design, and more. If you’re qualified in this field, it can be a good place to find multiple sources of income and contacts. The portfolio values in these types of work are potentially extremely good, and so are the opportunities for a range of mixed media work.