Freelance Graphic Design Job Networking Tips

A freelance graphics design job is one way of showcasing your varied graphic arts talents while gaining the much needed experience for a future job in the industry.

What It Is

A graphics design person is typically someone who has the ability to create everything from simple newsletters and flyers to web sites, magazine pages and ads full time, as well as on a freelance basis.

There are a number of ways a freelance graphics person can gain knowledge and experience in his/her community that he/she should try to take advantage of.

Call on Local Newspapers

Local community newspapers often hire freelance graphics people to design ads and pages on a regular basis. Contact editors or classified ad managers to see if there is need for a freelance person or a contract graphics person to help out.

Contact Direct Mail Companies

Contact direct mail companies who send out regular monthly flyers and coupons for any possible freelance design work. These companies usually have a number of clients who might also need an ad designed or improved. Offer your services and keep your fees reasonable and you might get more work.

Try the Parks and Rec Dept.

Call on your parks and recreation departments and ask if they need any brochures, ads, flyers or community booklets designed. Often time, cities hire freelance graphics people to perform these duties for a set fee. You could possibly work your way into a regular monthly gig if you are reliable and offer quality work.

Visit Ad Agencies

There are advertising agencies and marketing companies that might need the help of a freelance graphics person to design collateral. Some agencies farm out this type of work as opposed to hiring a full-time graphics person to save on salaries. Touch base with the owner or principle of the firm and introduce yourself and your services. Make an appointment to showcase your portfolio and to explain your intentions.

Look Up Small Magazines

Look among your local phone listings for publishers in the area who might have a need for a freelance graphics person. Smaller magazines with limited staff tend to be overworked and need a helping hand. Contact the magazine publisher and ask if there is a need for someone to design pages or ads.

Collect Free Publications

Keep track of some of the free publications you get in your mailbox and peruse them for content. Call on the editor or the publisher of the publication and offer your services. You can also try and make an appointment and suggest ways to make the publication more attractive. If you can get an appointment where you can meet the person face-to-face you might be able to show off your portfolio and graphics work.

Stop By Restaurants

Try visiting a few of your favorite mom-and-pop diners and neighborhood restaurants to see if they want to update their menus. They might take you up on your offer and hire you on to design flyers, ads and other marketing collateral for their establishment.

Seek Web Companies

Seek out any local web design firms that might need the help of a graphics person to fill in for vacationing staff. Also, offer freelance services for updating any web sites or design work to the owner of the web company.