Freelance Interior Designer: Job Search Tips

Freelance interior designer job search is definitely interesting, even when you're more concerned with finding work. There are a lot of different types of work in this very diverse profession, and some are hybrid types of job which involve specialist roles.

The problem for job hunters is that every possible type of job in the field is considered interior design. It is also quite possible to find a large jobs website that can't tell the difference between interior decoration and interior design, as we did.

This article is about interior design architecture, not interior decoration. In some cases they are related, but they're different professions. 

Finding Freelance Interior Designer Jobs Online

Despite confusing possibilities, most job boards are reasonably OK for searches. If anything, the word "designer" is the problem. The safest approach is to make sure you include "architect" or "architecture".

Specialist freelance sites are particularly useful for checking out both the freelance interior designer jobs available and the market itself. There's one particular site,, which is an American site that caters specifically to freelancers. This is a bidding site, where professionals give competitive quotes to get contract jobs. 

If you have a browse around the site, and check out the provider profiles, you'll see the standards of work involved, and get a good idea of the freelance interior design commercial industry's vast range of types of work.

Reading Freelance Interior Designer Job Ads

This is still an often difficult job hunt, though, even with an easy search term and specialist sites to help.  is comparatively very simple and easy to use, compared to the big job board ads.

The basic core skills requirements for both freelance interior designer jobs and mainstream jobs are simple enough:

  • Experience with AutoCAD, usually expressed in years
  • Accredited Bachelors degree
  • Familiarity with particular types of design

The specialist areas are the tricky issues in these job ads, particularly for more advanced freelance interior designers. The job descriptions can be extremely complex, and you really do need to read through them in detail.

You may be required to have "experience in interior design for the hospitality industry", for example. It's not a particularly helpful job description. That's a huge industry, and includes a vast range of different issues regarding interior architecture and design from tourist bungalows to massive international hotels.

This is one area where a site like has a major advantage over the big job boards as a job hunting option. The advertisers on  have to provide quite a lot of information about their projects, so you're better informed about what the jobs involve.

Applying for Freelance Interior Designer Jobs 

However you find your jobs, it's a good idea to research employers and conduct some dialog about the work before applying for freelance interior designer work. This allows you to ask the necessary professional questions as well as discussing the contract issues.

Please note: Architectural designs may involve intellectual property rights. Contracts are another issue which is highly relevant in terms of rights to designs. This is an area which you should check with an intellectual property expert, where appropriate.