Freelance IT Consultant Job Networking Tips

As a freelance IT consultant you will focus on advising firms on how to best make use of IT services. You are at an advantage in that freelancers get paid more than consultants working for a company. However, there’s also a disadvantage when it comes to finding jobs. Well-established firms have no shortage of jobs, while freelance IT consultants have to search hard due to the intensely competitive nature of the field.

That’s Where Networking Comes in

Networking involves building a web of contacts that, directly or otherwise, can help you find a job. It is especially important for freelancers, since most of their work comes from people they already know or through referrals. There are ways to go about it online, as well as offline. We cover both methods in the tips below.

Go International

The internet opens up a world of opportunities for those looking for a freelance IT consultant job. It is easy to upload your résumé to the dozens of job portals online, or search for potential clients through those same portals. There are job sites/classifieds specially made for freelancers.

Nonetheless, the biggest advantage you have in the IT field is that you can take up outsourced jobs. Even if you live in France you can act as a consultant to a business in Canada. Don’t just limit your searches to local job advertisements. Keep an eye out for outsourced work too.

Look for Small Businesses

Even though you get more cash in your bag by working as a freelancer, companies that hire you have to pay less than what they would pay to a consultancy firm, since the firms take their own fees. Consequently, small businesses are more likely to hire freelancers. Find the small businesses in your region. Build a rapport with people who own or work for such businesses. Becoming a trusted person for such people will ensure a few jobs coming your way.

Join Online Communities

You won’t always get clients through the traditional routes of job portals and advertisements. Sometimes you just get lucky and land a client from nowhere. To boost your chances of getting hired, join online bulletin boards and discussion forums that talk about IT or consultancy, or preferably, both. Let it be known how good of an IT consultant you are, not by blatantly blowing your own trumpet at every chance you get, but rather by intelligently answering questions posed by other users. Someone looking for a freelance consultant might just spot you, get chatty and maybe end up hiring your services.

Befriend Overworked People!

Establish a close rapport with acquaintances that seem to be getting more work than they can handle. Don’t make it too obvious that what you really want is work. Chances are, the next time he gets an offer for a job, he might politely refuse and refer the client to you instead. You might even get to team up with him on some of the projects he might be falling behind on. This is an easy, if sneaky, way to get some work through referrals.