Freelance Journalism Jobs: Networking Tips

Finding freelance journalism jobs can be challenging, but if you know how to network, you can find some quality leads.

Be Ambitious

As a freelancer, because you typically work for yourself, you need to keep active and visible in the community. By constantly networking whether it is by attending local chamber of commerce meetings or going to lunch with colleagues, you should be able to find consistent work.

Head to Chamber Meetings

Attending meetings that are conducted by your chamber of commerce is one way to network regularly. Chamber meetings tend to attract business owners and managers, political members of the community and other influential people. Mixing in at these meetings and providing your name and the type of work you can do may lead to freelance writing jobs in the future.

Call on Public Relations Firms

Advertising and public relations firms are often well connected to other full time and part journalists in the area. If you can contact the president of the firm or even an account representative and tell them you are a freelancer they may provide you with key personnel at publications. The may also pitch you a few ideas that you could in turn, pitch to editors and write, report or cover it yourself for them.

Join Trade Organizations

Become a member of the national and local news organizations for journalists such as the Society of Professional Journalists, Public Relations Society of America, and other news trade groups that may interest you. These can be excellent sources for meeting and interacting with others in the business that may have tips or leads on job openings. Also, subscribe to trade newsletters and online want-ads for job opportunities.

Prepare Online Postings

Get your name and experience out there by posting your resume and articles or links to already published articles via the internet. You can send links to your blog, web site, or profile that shows your expertise to potential employers, friends and anyone else who might be able to show you how to get your foot in the door of a publication.

Find Job Fairs

Career days and job fairs at local colleges and large venues usually have representatives from firms looking to hire employees. It is possible that a newspaper, online news source, or even a company looking for a writer may be present at these fairs. This is a good opportunity to meet with someone face-to-face and share your experiences, as well as your goals. Look for such job fair listings, dates and times in local newspapers, free publications at coffee shops and online city sites that list this information.

College Bulletin Boards

Stop by your local community colleges and journalism departments in search of job boards and want-ads for any openings in the field. While the majority of these postings may be for internships or apprenticeships, every once and a while, there may be information about full-time employment. Use the contacts posted as sounding boards to see if they know of anyone who needs a writer, reporter or perhaps they might even need assistance themselves.