Freelance Logo Design Job Search Tips

Freelance logo design work can be very rewarding, and it’s potentially great for building a good portfolio of your commercial designs. This type of design work has recently taken off across the internet, and is getting a lot of attention from marketing and advertising industries as a source of graphic materials.

The Work Environment

There are two basic types of freelance logo design:

  • Commissioned work
  • Online competitive design work

Commissioned Work

This is the traditional commercial graphics job. You may work as an outsourcer for a graphic design business, or do local jobs with advertising agencies. The internet generates a lot of graphics work, and these jobs are generally considered “solid jobs” in the business.

They’re also excellent in terms of creating a broad spectrum portfolio. Each different job gives you a showpiece in a different type of product. That’s invaluable in terms of creating a range of areas for finding more work, and can also create good long term client business.

These jobs are very client focused. Demand is driven by business, and you’ll find that delivering good products on time and on the employer’s budget is the key to success.

Online Competitive Design Work

There are two basic types of online competitive work:

  • Bidding with competitive quotes
  • Competitions for logo design

Bidding Sites

The bidding process, giving quotes for logo design contract jobs advertised online. This is now the classic online model for freelance work of all kinds. It is extremely competitive, and it’s a good way to assess job quality vs. return on investment of time values in terms of your own work. 

You can see a good example of how this system works on a big US site called, which is a freelancers-only bidding site. Also check out the providers for graphic work online, they have very interesting profiles and presentation you can use as a benchmark for your own presentation online.

Important note: The bidding jobs and some other types of work require you to demonstrate competence in major software platforms, and to use specific types of software and files for your work. Make sure you check these requirements out. Read the briefs carefully for any technical issues.

Competitions for Logo Design

These are very controversial sites in the graphics industry. A client will post a prize for a graphic design of $250- $500 or more, sometimes thousands of dollars. The winning design becomes the property of the client. Many sites advertise guaranteed payment.

These competitions are variously loathed and loved by graphic artists, many of whom consider them ripoffs relative to commercial art rates. It is true that these rates are often much lower than a full commissioned job, but the counterargument is that if you don’t have a job, they’re good value.

The actual practice here is that the prize is part of a budget. If you have $20,000 for an advertising budget, and need a logo, this is the cheap but safe option. It allows you to stay inside your budget by fixing a cost for the service.  Another factor is that winners do get portfolio materials, and can say “I beat 1000 other designers”. Client ownership of materials is normal in commission and bidding work too, so that’s not really an issue.