Freelance Makeup Artist Job Networking Tips

A freelance makeup artist can lead a fun filled lifestyle helping others look their best. From celebrities to businesspeople to brides, it’s a career that many follow and enjoy.

Where to Network

Starting out in the makeup artist industry is not always easy and jobs are often hard to find. However, there are numerous places someone who is just starting out or who has been in the business for decades can benefit from just by networking.

Contact Department Stores

A leading place for freelance makeup artists to network is via department stores. Contact the human resources department or store manager to find out about the companies that send freelance makeup artists to the store on a regular basis. Getting in good with the department store may also lead to other makeup artist job opportunities since they are always on the hunt for such individuals for special events like fashion shows and in-store modeling.

Accommodate Wedding Parties

If you are preparing a bride for her wedding and doing her makeup, this could be a great opportunity for you to network. Bring lots of business cards and tell the bride you will also prepare her bridesmaids and rest of the female wedding party. She may use you for other special events in her life somewhere down the road, as well as recommend you to friends and other who are getting married.

Check into Private Events

Attending private dinner parties, bachelorette parties of friends and acquaintances could also lead to job opportunities. Offer to do makeovers and makeup sessions at the event free of charge in exchange for the hostess giving out flyers and business cards touting your services.

Work Fashion Shows

Contact local charities and women’s organizations to find out if they are holding any special fundraisers or events. Ask if you can do the makeup of the models that might be walking the runway if there is to be a fashion show or private table-to-table modeling.

Visit Beauty Salons

Another way to network in the world of beauty is through beauty salons and cosmetology schools. Visit local beauty salons and speak with the manager, owner or the individual stylists of the salon and ask them to pass on your business card. You can even ask your own hair stylist if he or she can refer you to clients or maybe place your business card on display in the front of the salon or reception area. Inform them of your services and ask if they could refer to clients in exchange for a discount off service for themselves. Touch base with cosmetology schools to see if you can come and speak to candidates and students of the current class. At some point, after they graduate, they might recall your lesson and contact or refer you to their clients.

Plastic Surgeons

Check in with plastic surgeons and dermatologists offices for when they are going to hold a Botox party or any seminars announcing new procedures. Makeup artists are always needed in an effort to show post-op patients how to cover bumps, bruises, etc., after procedures.

Beauty Supply Houses

Beauty supply stores and boutiques may be interested in hiring a freelance makeup artist to perform mini weekend, evening or special occasion seminars on how to put on a certain product they may want to feature. Bring plenty of business cards pamphlets, and brochures explaining your services.