Freelance Market Research Job Search Tips

Freelance market research job search isn’t so much difficult as needing patience to sort through the types of job available. Market research is a very diverse field, and job quality is an important consideration for professionals.

Finding Freelance Market Research Jobs Online

Searching for freelance market research jobs can be a difficult task. These jobs can range from consultancies to number crunching, demographics, and report writing. It’s a good idea to use search terms which accurately reflect the work you want. Do not use generic terms like “marketing”, as far as possible. They produce cluttered search results. Almost any other specific term will do more.

Freelance market research jobs are mainly contract jobs. You can create ongoing accounts through these contracts, but the ads are structured on a contract basis. The good news is that marketing agencies are also looking for freelancers on a regular basis, so you can find a real range of professional options in your job search.

Specialist Sites

The big job boards, however, can be a problem in terms of finding the right sort of work. They tend to be more salaried jobs to some extent. There’s a big US site called iFreelance which caters specifically for freelance work of all kinds, and it has a lot of freelance market research jobs.

These jobs are well worth a look, because of the large range of job options. You can do some market research for yourself, check out the contract rates, and also the providers. On this site, you can also post a profile which acts as a passive job hunting method.

Note: When you create your profile, make sure you do some good marketing of your own services. The other profiles are a good lead to how to approach this, but you should also do some “branding” for your own profile, using links and examples of your work.

Other Types of Freelance Market Research Job Search


Your professional network is a natural resource, and is most effective in terms of contact potential for clients. Advertising and sales people are the best sources of network information and contacts for jobs.

Cold Canvassing

This isn’t necessarily a natural form of job search for market researchers, but it can work well with marketing agencies which regularly outsource. You can research the options through both your network and agency sites. 

It’s most likely to be effective if you target specific areas of your work where you know there’s a regular demand for a good chance of success.

    Report Writing

    This particular area is a good targeting option for experts. If you’re a specialist, you may find that you’re much in demand for report writing and other technical work. These jobs can be very demanding, and deadline based. It’s not uncommon for reports to have to be redrafted, or in some cases completely written from scratch, because agency staff may be carrying heavy workloads.

    This type of work can turn into a business of itself. Reports for some accounts can be virtual books, up to 40,000 words. Smaller agencies in particular may not have the time or resources, and need a professional to cover the report stage.