Freelance Marketing Consultant Job: Networking Tips

Freelance marketing consultant career planning is nothing if not interesting. If you’re a marketing professional, you may have found your own market niche by going freelance. This can be an extremely rewarding career path if you know your business. 

Freelance Marketing Consultant Career Basics 

Being a freelancer means you must be able to deliver your full range of services to clients yourself. You need to be able to create and implement marketing plans, conduct advertising, promotions, and market research. You also need a strong professional network across your range of activities.

Getting Started

The way you set up your business will define your capabilities. This means career planning starts with setting up your capabilities to provide these services. You need a good network of service suppliers and others who are effectively subcontractors. You need to be sure of being able to produce your work efficiently and professionally. Being a freelancer is exactly the same as working for an agency in terms of quality, and you can only get work if you can demonstrate excellent standards of work.

Business Goals- Essential First Steps to Career Goals

The first stage of career goal planning is to set business goals which advance your career effectively and allow you to go for major contracts. That can take a while. Marketing is an extremely competitive industry, and you’ll find that the “portfolio effect” is in full force when you pitch for contracts.

There needs to be a planned development of your business to support your career goals. All marketing agencies operate like this at the start, and even though you’re a freelancer, your business model has to work with the realities of the client market.

Early marketing will be basic market planning work. You can derive a lot of business from successful marketing at this level if you can show clients a strong performance and results from this work. This is also where you get your professional services network operational and do the test runs for major contracts. You'll find that you build a good team of collaborators and expand your capabilities progressively.

Freelance Marketing Consultants- Career Goals and networking

Now that you’ve got a working business, you can concentrate on career goals. Your concept of success is personal and will relate to your own motivations. Specialization is another factor; if you have a particular area of expertise, those very strong skills are excellent in helping create career goals.

Typical career goals in marketing are based on a combination of creative thought and business goals. This is a realistic approach, and as a freelancer you do need to watch the bottom line very closely to make sure you’re achieving solid business turnover and liquidity. If that sounds like your professional network will also evolve in line with your goals, that's exactly what it means. The marketing network is the primary support at all levels in career terms.

The creative concepts are most effective as visualization for your goals. At this point you may want to internalize your thinking. Consider the basis on which you decided to become a freelancer. Was it to exercise your talents, expand your horizons, or to develop your ideas? Was it to break free of the career restraints of an agency?

These are aspirational goals, and they’re a very good set of pointers to career goals. There’s a further element in this type of goal setting. You can use a typical marketing technique, measuring, to analyze your results. Check your network as a quality control in your assessment because it's an accurate reflection of your business and career situation. You'll find that your original network has become a much bigger and far more diverse creation than in its early days.