Freelance Marketing Jobs: Job Search Tips

Looking for freelance marketing jobs, requires a good knowledge of the industry, and a good system of searching for jobs. There are several professional options in this type of job search. If you’re an experienced marketing person, you’ll soon see real opportunities while job hunting.

Freelance marketing jobs cover quite a large range within the marketing field. All of these jobs, particularly those involving baseline marketing work, are in the ballpark for freelancers. Marketing graduates may be surprised at how many different types of job they can find:

  • Promotions
  • Internet marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Branding jobs
  • Marketing campaigns
  • SEO marketing
  • Marketing materials

These are usually contract jobs, but in practice, you may also find you’re retained for further work if the client’s happy with your results. Contracts also operate as a very useful series of examples of your work, particularly if you’re working in niche markets as a specialist.

Finding Freelance Marketing Jobs Online

The word “marketing” as a search term is a very mixed blessing. It’s OK for basic jobs, but not necessarily for those who specialize in areas of marketing. Terminology can help in these cases. You need a good descriptor in the search to isolate the jobs. Use unique terms which can only be applied to your type of job.

Another option, and often the best, is to use the specialist freelance sites. There’s a American site called iFreelance, which is a freelancers-only, contract bidding site. This sort of site is ideal for freelance marketing jobs. The site has a lot of flexibility in the types of job available. You can also post your credentials on your profile on this site, a self promotion which acts as a passive job hunter for you. 

Other Freelance Marketing Job Search Options


This is the classic marketing job hunting technique. The advantage of networking is that your professional and business contacts will also be able to advise regarding job quality. Contacts in advertising and sales are often your best leads in this regard.


Freelance marketing jobs are often based on client projects. These can be an excellent option for creating a very diversified portfolio for your business. For example, a business will post an ad on a website like iFreelance for a specific area of their marketing. These jobs are based on the client’s short term needs. They’re doing the right thing by outsourcing this function rather than taking on an agency to do the work. Freelancers are perfect for these jobs. 

Projects are also common in the marketing industry. Many marketers will outsource these jobs to expand their range. It’s extremely cost effective. Some freelancers can do things like bulk marketing, for example, across a huge range of outlets. It’s also cheaper,  because the actual work is done by the contractor, not the agency.

Cold Canvassing

Cold canvassing can be very effective if it’s targeted to areas of specialization. Do not use up enormous amounts of time on the “letter drop” approach. It doesn’t work, and costs money. The best option is contacting a carefully selected potential client with a strong marketing pitch, offering your services. Make sure you have some representative materials of your work available as reference for the clients.