Freelance Medical Writing Job Search Tips

Freelance medical writing job search is often related to the individual’s area of specialization. Many freelance medical writing jobs relate directly to levels of experience as well as other skills, like proof reading and editorial experience. 

This is a particularly complex job search because of the great diversity of job types, specializations and the jobs themselves, which are naturally based on employer areas of activity. These jobs are usually focused on specific areas of medicine, but the work may include scientific programs, research, medical education and other functions.  

Freelance Medical Writing Job Search Online 

The online job search is only easy when you search “medical writing.” From there on, it’s often a matter of picking through the job ads. Some of these ads are pretty basic and not too informative regarding the employer. Some job ads are also based on other areas of health care, like pharmaceuticals, and that naturally confuses the issues when searching.

The best way around these problems is to concentrate on your areas of specialty. Use unique search terms that relate directly to the discipline in which you’re interested. 

For example: 

  • Neuroscience
  • Neurology
  • Medical proofreader
  • Medical devices 

Developing a search terminology that is effective may take a while, depending on your area of expertise, because of the very broad job category in medical writing and large number of job ads. However, when you’ve found a good search method, you’ll find even the big job boards useful.  

As with any freelance writing job, sometimes the freelance sites are more helpful and usually better organized for job search. A good example of this type of site is iFreelance, a US freelance site that has a very broad spread of freelance writing jobs, including freelance medical writing jobs. This is a “bidding site,” where professionals submit competitive quotes for projects. 

This site also allows you to check out the job market in the field. You can also post a profile, which is a good idea on this site, which ranks very high on Google rankings. (Remember when you post your profile to give a good presentation of your skills and services.)

Academic and Institutional Employers

You’ll find that approaches to these employers can generate a significant amount of work. This is a professional field and medical writing is in high demand, as are most forms of technical writing. Freelance medical writing is a type of work which can be developed on a professional level, for experts. 

Commercial Medical Writing

The health industry regularly advertises for specialist writers in various niche markets, like disabilities, geriatrics, pediatrics, and other fields that involve significant patient demographics. This type of freelance medical writing requires additional skills as a general writer, but it’s within the same field, just on a different level. The income from this type of writing can also be notable, so consider these jobs on their merits when you see them. 

Pharmaceuticals Medical Writing

This is a very big field, and a very large market for freelance medical writing. The actual writing varies between copywriting and technical writing, and may not always be ideal for experts, but there are good freelance medical writing jobs in this field.

General note: Freelance medical writers should be aware that many of these commercial types of freelance job can lead to regular ongoing work. The freelance medical writing jobs often work very well as a professional networking exercise because of the demands for skills.