Freelance Photographer Job Networking Tips

Freelance photographer jobs today consist of more than taking photos of kids in a department store. If you know how to network there are a number of places to find rewarding work on a regular basis.

Why it Pays to Network

While networking does take time, it can pay off in the end of you do it enough and in the right places. Whether it’s at a sporting event or local newspaper, there are all kinds of businesses that may need a photographer to help out.

Call on Local Publications

Try contacting your local neighborhood newspapers or city magazines and ask the head photographer if there is a need for a freelance worker to pick up the extra slack. Many newspapers and magazines have cut down on full time staff. As a result, they have resorted to hiring freelance photographers to cover events on evenings and weekends. Sometimes, it is also possible to become a contributing photographer in exchange for a free ad or a plug for your freelance business for photos.

Try City Offices

It is not unusual for local parks and recreation departments to pull together and produce monthly newsletters. In addition, many of these departments also have regular classes and courses offered for the community. This could mean that they need to create brochures that could use accompanying photography images. Contact the department head to see if there is any need for a freelance photographer.

Offer Wedding Photography

Of course, there are always wedding planners, or video companies, and other wedding outfitters who may need a freelance photographer. A freelance photographer is often needed for a wedding on a weekend, or by the wedding couple who doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg with a larger, well known photographer.

Check out Coffee Houses

Try and place your business cards in the bulletin boards of local coffee houses where there is a constant flux of traffic. These venues are visited by everyone from mothers to businessmen on a dial basis that might be in need of a photographer for an event or project.

Join Trade Groups

Look for local photographer clubs and trade organizations in your community to join. These groups are good for collaborating with other photographers who might be able to pass off overflow of their own work to you or may know of freelance openings that they have heard of in the area.

Look into Vocational Schools

Contact vocational or specialty schools in your area who offer photo programs and classes. Ask the instructor if you can assist him/her in any way with the class, or ask if he/she knows of any freelance assignments floating around. Schools often need additional people to teach or come in as speakers; both instances could lead to more work for you in the field.

Ask Camera Stores

Take a trip to your local camera store and ask if they offer any classes for photographers. By attending a class, you can mix with other photographers who might be able to supply their own contact or thoughts about where you can find freelance photo work.