Freelance Programming Job Search Tips

Freelance programming job search can be a pretty mixed experience for professionals. The jobs on offer can be a potpourri of income and situations. As professional programmers know, that means some great jobs mixed with some pretty dubious propositions. 

Freelance Programming Job Search Online

The problem with freelance programming job search is that the big job boards generate too many responses. Search engines can vary from atrocious to reasonably good. The job search for freelance programming jobs has to be structured to minimize unwanted results and to create a good search routine.

There are a Few Good Search Options:

  • Job search categories can reduce the search range. Location is a useful parameter if you live in a big city, because the search results, even in a place like New York, are reduced to manageable levels.
  • Terminology is a major leveler for search results. A unique definitive search term shuts out any other results. 

Specialist Sites For Freelance Programming Job Search

In practice, the real job search is for contract work. This is often easier to do on specialist sites. For freelancers, there’s a site called iFreelance, which is a major US contract bidding site. This site involves competitive bidding, and it’s a good chance to check out the freelance programming market. You can get international jobs, too. IFreelance also allows you to post a profile. This is a useful passive job hunting option. Remember to include a good presentation of your work, including areas of specialty and rates.

Note: If you have any specific areas of programming you don’t want to do, like some of the iffy programming languages or types of work, include that on the profile. This is sometimes a sensitive, as well as irritating, area for programmers.

Other Freelance Programming Job Search Options

  • Cold canvassing: Cold canvassing can be very productive. This type of job search must be effectively targeted. You need to match outsourcing employers and contracts with skills, which requires some research. The positive side of this approach is that you can tailor your approach on a professional level. Developers are generally interested in what an outsource can do for them, because it’s very cost effective for them.
  • Networking: If you have contacts in the industry or related fields, networking is often a good source of basic information. Freelance programming is often a good option for businesses looking to lock in professional services, and you may be able to find a lot of good job leads pretty easily.
  • Software design: This is a true job search zone, with a lot of flexibility for freelance programming work. Applications are an obvious area for job search. These jobs are relatively easy, short term, and can pay well. You will also find that “applications enthusiasts” can be excellent longer term business prospects. These contracts are entrepreneurial, and they’ve always got some business in progress.
  • Consultancies: Some businesses specialize in fixing software problems, and they’re much in demand as a lot of the older programs start showing gaping flaws because of their age and lack of upgradability. This is good work for  freelance programming on several levels, and can produce a lot of work, both remedial jobs and working with new software options.