Freelance Project Manager Job Search Tips

A freelance project manager job search is a challenge but can result in a very interesting way of building a career through selected projects. This type of job search is all about professional opportunities, and you can achieve a lot with the right job selection.

Freelance Project Manager Job Search Issues

The big picture story in freelance project manager job hunting is strategic job hunting. Many people prefer project work specifically because the professional credentials project work can provide are so effective in career progression.

For example, if you're an experienced IT project manager, an IT project has a range of job criteria that are a virtual map of career prospects. Working with some major industry standard systems is a major career plus:

  • Systems management
  • $10 million budget
  • 20 staff
  • Two year contract

This type of project is a self-explanatory achievement and looks great on any resume. It's also good for international work, particularly if you're working with an industry brand name. Consistent freelance project management work also creates a clear impression for employers, showing good professional standards and a meaningful level of value to them.

This applies to all forms of freelance project manager work, and it's why job selection is so important. If you're just starting out in this field, this is exactly like conventional project management, and the job options work the same way.

Freelance Project Manager Job Search Online

It's advisable to use search terms with emphasis on your particular areas of interest. Freelance project manager jobs are contracts, based on project budgets. This means that you can gauge the values of jobs by comparing them.

The freelance sector is expanding very rapidly, and an additional option is available for freelance project manager jobs on specialist freelance job sites like www.iFreelance, a major US site with a very wide range of possible areas of projects.

Other Freelance Project Manager Job Search Options

Networking: This is one of the typical project work job hunting methods, and it can be an excellent choice for highly experienced people. At the higher professional levels, some level of networking is essential to check out project jobs and assess job quality and salary. Colleagues and business contacts are definitely your best options for effective networking.

Consultancy options: A freelance project manager is effectively a consultant in terms of expertise in many ways. If you've got all round experience, particularly in project business and budget management, your options for consultancy work are good. You can offer your services on a professional basis and also set your own rates. This is a form of passive job hunting, but for professionals, it's also a logical business move.

You can also use your network to get this type of work. Your contacts can definitely send clients your way, and you have the additional advantage of also being able to do contract work. Many professionals have a "hybrid" mix of business, doing professional consultancies as well as other project work.

This option can generate a very good income, too. Having multiple income streams is a big plus for freelancers. In freelance project management, it covers any down time in between projects and provides more career credentials in a wide range of areas.