Freelance Public Relations Jobs: Job Search Tips

Freelance public relations job search may be a real mix of job options. PR can be a very open ended sort of job, and in the case of part time jobs, you might get a “soap opera” effect dealing with clients over a period.

Depending on the type of PR work you do, the job options may vary from the excellent to the debatable. Basic PR work, like press releases and putting together client profiles, may not be glamorous but it’s good solid work, and doesn’t involve the case management scenarios of other types of work. The main demand for work in freelance public relations is basically outsourcing work of this type, although this comes with additional options in many cases.

When looking at these jobs, particularly if you’re a professional PR person, it’s advisable to consider career benefits. The press release type of work is good if you’re intending to become a specialist in this field, and the experience with ranges of clients is also useful. Client profiles are also good for putting together a portfolio of presentation materials.

Promotions and publicity jobs are good for freelancers, because they’re also higher income earners, as well as good portfolio materials. These can be quite demanding jobs, but if you assess them in relation to your ability to deliver, these issues may work very much in your favor. PR work is usually the province of agents, and agents do appreciate good service. You may find you get a client with a lot of clients of their own, and that can produce excellent results.

Freelance Public Relations Job Search Online

Freelance public relations searches can be done as normal job searches to a large degree. As a PR expert, you can go for jobs both as contracts and as an outsourcer to agencies. Both types of work can produce valuable long term business relationships. 

In freelance public relations, a job ad may be a very good cue for a pitch for your services. A typical example would be a social media promotion. These are quite common online, and they’ve become a major marketing methodology for agencies.

Franchises, in particular, favor this marketing approach. It’s pretty basic PR work, but don’t discount its value to your freelance public relations business. This is usually startup work, and can also be developed over time into a working relationship with these clients. These jobs are also relatively simple work, meaning you don’t have to use major amounts of time and resources to do them. You may find you can handle several contracts of this type quite easily. 

Freelance Job Sites for Freelance Public Relations Job Search

Some of the freelancers-only job sites are very good for freelance public relations work. One of the biggest is iFreelance, a US site which caters specifically for freelancers in all professions. This site regularly has freelance public relations job listings.

ifreelance is a bidding site, where professionals give competitive quotes for contracts. This is very good for PR people who want to check out the market and job quality. Another big advantage for iFreelance users is that if they sign up to the site, they can post good marketing standard profiles, outlining rates, areas of specialization, and do a full presentation.