Freelance Sales: Job Search Tips

Freelance sales job search can find some really great jobs, with a lot of flexibility and opportunities to operate multiple sales options very effectively. The main problem is finding the high yield sales options. It’s necessary to do some research on the job providers, too, to ensure best returns.

Freelance Sales Job Search Online

“Sales” is a problem word on major job boards, if you’re looking for something specific. There can be pages of job ads which are more time consuming than useful. To remove these nuisances, it’s advisable to use search terms which are specific to the types of sales work you want. The actual job opportunities are there, but they have to be separated from the herd of “get rich quick selling pencils” garbage. You’re looking for good job contracts, and that’s the defining issue in the online job search.

There are ways of getting good, targeted search results:

  • Brand names
  • Product ranges
  • Contract specifications
  • Commission options
  • Retainers

Each of these options will produce a result which you’ll be able to assess easily. Check the acceptable job options in detail, and above all make contact with the contract providers to clarify any issues in advance. This is also a good opportunity for a sales spiel in advance of any interview, and you may be able to get operational very quickly.

Another useful option for freelance sales work is the specialist freelance job sites. There’s a site called iFreelance, which is a contract bidding site, and includes a range of sales propositions which are easily accessible. These jobs are fully described, and in many cases the providers are looking for several people.

iFreelance also allows you to post a profile. When posting, make sure your presentation is good, and includes a full range of services and rates. This works like an ad, and can generate quite a few inquiries. iFreelance is a top site on Google searches, so the market profile is good.

Other Options for Freelance Sales Job Search

In sales, you have a lot of options for job hunting, and some of them are very easy to get moving:

  • Cold canvassing: If you have a particular type of freelance sales work in mind, cold canvassing suppliers is always worth the effort. Targeting specific suppliers is the best approach. Make sure you can provide some good sales figures, performance indicators, etc., when approaching these contracts, and you may be able to create several new jobs.
  • Networking: In the very competitive sales field, networking is often the better option for direct approaches to contracts. Business contacts are also very helpful in assessing job and product quality from the outset. You will also be able to get a realistic picture of returns.
  • Sales consultancies: For expert professionals, the consultancy approach can be a very good option. It’s a logical career development, allowing you to use your expertise in your sales field. The contract can be very good to excellent, if you use your sales judgment to connect with clients.
  • Sales training: Another job for those experienced salespeople with a good sales track record, training can be a lot of fun, as well as providing good contracts. This service is often very much appreciated by clients with struggling sales, and can generate a lot of extra jobs.