Freelance Secretary Job Search Tips

Freelance secretaries, sometimes working off-site as virtual assistants, are a benefit to companies that need office administration but that don’t need in-house administrators. Some virtual assistants will work for several different bosses, and many can maintain a virtual assistant position with a company for several months.

Work Your Network

If you have previous experience as a secretary or as an administrative assistant, work your network to find freelance opportunities. For example, if you had a good professional or personal relationship with a previous supervisor, contact that person and indicate that you are currently looking for freelance contracts. Your former colleague may indicate that they don’t know anyone that is hiring someone on a freelance basis, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t get information or a contact from another person who is looking for a freelance secretary. By reaching out to your former supervisors, they at least know that you are looking and will keep you in mind for any positions that they hear about.

Ask for References

While working your network, ask former supervisors to provide written references for you, or to endorse you on your LinkedIn profile. The benefit to having written references is that if your reference is on holidays or leave when they are called on to provide a reference, you still have their written document as a testimonial to your work history. You can also ad