Freelance SEO: Job Search Tips

Although there are many positions for in-house SEO experts, there are also many opportunities for freelance SEO jobs. Here are some tips in searching for these opportunities.

SEO Explained

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, requires Internet professionals that are good with words and identifying the key words that lead Internet searchers to sites for advertising and sales. With billions of sites on the Internet, Internet businesses do everything they can to create compelling copy that is indexed by leading search engines to draw buyers to their website. Their main weapon in attracting searchers, readers and buyers is the SEO expert.

Breaking into the Industry

For freelancers that are transitioning into a career in SEO from another career and who have no industry contracts, breaking in can be difficult. Research the industry and learn the optimization tricks for Google Ad Words and other PPC marketing networks. Rewrite previous copy and work samples which belong to you so they make the most of SEO techniques. Most professionals also recommend creating a personal website that includes these samples and getting in-bound links to your site that improve your own search ranking.

Create a Portfolio

To get established in the field, a freelance SEO professional needs a website, especially a portfolio that includes samples of their work and statements of their success in terms of sales, either through an increase in purchases in the site or in increased revenue from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Samples of web content should indicate how the online copy increased revenue for the site. Links to any sites that you have worked on can also be included in your portfolio so a client can review the sites that are relevant to their industry and evaluate your work. Endorsements and references from satisfied clients will also help interested clients determine how successful and qualified the SEO freelancer is. Job search sites, such as iFreelance, allow clients to post their ratings of the freelancer once a contract is completed.

Job Search Sites

In addition to freelance-specific sites, such as iFreelance, there are also job searches specific to the SEO industry, such as SEO Jobs Finder, Virtual Vocations and Jobs in Search. On SEO Jobs Finder, the jobs for freelancers are clearly marked with a “freelancer” icon next to the job heading, so you don’t have to read the entire job posting only to find out that freelancers are ineligible to apply.

Vertical Search Engines

Vertical search engines, such as Indeed, SimplyHired and CareerJet, also include sections specifically for SEO opportunities. Vertical search engines scrape postings from the major job boards, which means that a search on one vertical search engine can bring jobs back from sites such as Monster, oDesk, The Ladders and newspaper classifieds. You can also search on these sites to look for salary information to determine how to set your freelance rates.

Boom Industry

Many SEO freelancer positions can also turn into long term gigs, or a single posting can actually refer to providing SEO for many different sites. SEO is a boom industry for writers and Internet marketing professionals and it is possible to gain revenue from contracts while making money running your own SEO optimized sites.