Freelance Software Testing Job Search Tips

Freelance software testing job search is nothing if not a contrast in job types and styles. It's a real menagerie of jobs, some trivial, and some bizarre. You need to ensure you're not wasting your time, and are following positive job leads.

Freelance Software Testing Job Search Issues

The difficulty in freelance software testing is that the jobs and the job prices are all over the place. There's a real value problem, and for freelancers, that's a real problem. There can be $5,000 jobs, and $31 jobs. Many of the jobs are definitely not high earners, and not worth your time. 

To make a living out of freelance software testing, you need not only high value jobs, but meaningful work which leads to better jobs. To get these jobs, you have to be able to show very high work values to clients. The last thing you need are nonsense jobs. Real software testing work, in the form of real commercial software, is the requirement for a  worthwhile freelance software testing contract.

Freelance Software Testing Job Search Online

Part of the problem is the job ads. Some people, and some advertisers, don't quite seem to understand the meaning of the words "software testing". Anything which involves running some software and seeing if it works is called software testing.

The word "software" on job sites isn't much help, either. It can mean anything in context with a job ad, from knowing how to use it to selling it. Like all technical jobs, freelance software testing needs unique search terms.

Use a particular form of testing, a code language, or any other search qualifier which definitely only applies to the type of job you want, that. Commercial contractors are looking for specific skills, after all, and that search term is what the useful job ads have to contain. 

Professional software sites and developers are potentially very useful for freelance software testing. Outsourcing rates are an incentive to hiring and they also appreciate effective professional work with their materials. If you search these areas, you may not find software testing jobs directly, but you'll probably find people who do need their new software tested by an expert. These jobs are also a much higher professional quality of work than the odd jumble of jobs on some sites.

Another option are the freelance sites. There's one in particular called iFreelance, which is a bidding site where providers give competitive quotes for contracts. In the software field, it has several options as well as testing, and you may find some development/testing work and technical writing work as well.

Other Freelance Software Testing Job Search Options

Cold Canvassing

This can be an effective job hunting option. Good software testers, who know how to go through heavy duty code and operating parameters, are always in demand. Targeting specific types of work and your stronger skill areas could be a very effective way of getting ongoing work in those fields.

Profiles and Advertising Services

The most important thing in offering a freelance software testing service is to provide a good presentation of your skills and work. Also, remember to make sure you only offer services you're sure you can provide under contract conditions. You can advertise these services on profiles on iFreelance as well, and also on your own website.