Freelance Transcription Job Search Tips

Freelance transcription job search, involves a very wide range of different types of transcription work, including legal and medical. This work requires various skills which you’ll be expected to prove you have before getting the jobs.

Freelance work in this field comes in several varieties:

  • Overflow work: Legal practices and other professional services often experience overloads of transcription materials.
  • Special assignments: Common in media, particularly in interview situations.
  • Medical transcriptions: Quite common in the sector, which often outsources the work, usually using media as sources.

Freelance Transcription Job Search Online

The word “transcription” is all you need to search. The actual job search for transcription jobs is complicated by the mix of conventional transcription jobs and contract work. The contract jobs are the typical freelance transcription jobs, and it’s advisable to look at a few of these when you start searching, because they’re indicative of the job market.

If you’re a specialist, you won’t have much difficulty assessing the actual jobs, but you will probably have some difficulties figuring out the contract work. The best transcription jobs are well laid out, and there’s no guesswork involved about pay, terms of employment or any other issues.

One problem with job search for freelance transcription jobs is the need to thoroughly check out all options. Transcription work can be really hard work, often on deadlines, and you’ll want to find the jobs that pay for the effort.

For freelancers, specialist sites are often the answer to any job quality issues. There’s a freelance job site called iFreelance, which is all freelance work, and well worth bookmarking as a job search site.

Other Freelance Transcription Job Search Options

Legal Freelance Transcription Job Search:

If you’re an experienced legal transcriptionist, It’s sometimes advisable to search specific employers and target particular types of work. Legal transcription can be extremely hard work, but there’s a lot of it, and the need for transcriptionists is regular. An approach to law firm management is potentially the quickest, and definitely the simplest, way of offering your services.

A legal transcriptionist also has a few other options. One of these is setting up a transcription service, and working with the local attorneys. These legal practices often outsource to reduce operating costs, and the chances of picking up regular work are good.

Note: Check to see if there are any other transcription services in your area. If there are, they’ll probably be looking for experienced people too, so you can win either way in this job search option.

Contract Freelance Transcription Job Search:

If you’re a professional writer, the media transcription jobs are much less demanding than the more formal transcription work, but they’re also hard work as writing assignments. You may be expected to directly source the information from an interviewee or meeting, and produce a transcript based on phone recording or media recordings.

Please note that contract transcription does have a few pitfalls in this scenario. If a transcription is deemed to be inaccurate, you may lose the job and not get paid as well. Consider this type of work a calculated risk.