Freelance Videographer Job Networking Tips

A freelance videographer can be a fun career choice but you before reaching for your video-cam, try exploring videographer job networking tips.

A videographer can take a video of a wedding ceremony and a reception, as well as of sports games and business meetings. Making connections for such jobs is easy if you put your mind to networking and getting your name out there.

From schools to wedding planners, here are some networking tips that might be useful to your career as a freelance videographer.

Wedding Planners

One easy way of breaking into the business of becoming a freelance videographer is to contact wedding planners in your neighborhood. Wedding planners are typically well connected in the world of weddings and if they are reliable, have a steady stream of clients. Drop of a videotape sample of your work and business cards after making initial phone contact.

Religious Connections

Contact your local church, pastor, rabbi, priest, parish, etc., and let them know that you have experience as a videographer. Be sure you tell them what services you can offer and what your experience is in the field. Offer to bring by any fee list that you have created for your services, as well as a videotape of your work.

Contact Local Malls

Try and connect with the local manager or leasing company of your local mall where they may have a need for a freelance videographer. Malls often hold various events from bringing in the Easter Bunny to Santa Claus for customers at any given time. Provide them with business cards, rate sheets and samples of your work.

Try Women’s Groups

Look up local women’s groups and organizations in your community who put on luncheons and fashion shows. These groups tend to hire freelance videographers who can cover the event and provide the video for members’ usage.

Call Fashion Designers

There might be a local designer in your neck of the woods who needs to take footage of their designs for submissions to potential clients and fashion houses. Contact them and see if they need such a video to be taken and offer your services.

Find Non-Profits

Many non-profit organizations seek out volunteers to help keep records and track of their events. Try calling on a few such organizations that might need a freelance videographer for such tasks. You might not get paid for your services, but you will gain experience for future, long term jobs.

School Sports Teams

If you have a child who participates in sports, try contacting the coach of the organization or team to see if a freelance videographer is needed to shoot the event. Most cities, towns and neighborhoods have local groups such as Little League, soccer and football teams who might have need for a video.

Seek Business People

There might be a business in your community that needs a demonstration video of the services they provide which means possible work for a freelance videographer. For example, there may be a catering company that needs a video shot of the work they provide for their own marketing purposes. Offer to shoot the demo video for a reasonable rate or barter your services for theirs.