Freelance Videographer Job Search Tips

As a freelance videographer, your job search will be ongoing, and you might find the following tips helpful.

Potential Leads

Make a list of all the possible people who could hire you. Start by determining who needs videos and would be willing to pay for your services. Some events people often want to have videotaped are weddings, graduations, anniversary parties, Sweet 16 birthday parties or Quinceañeras. Also, consider people who hire videographers to record their performances like bands, professional speakers, and theater groups. Keep brainstorming and adding to your list as you think of other potential markets, but in the meantime, you should start contacting people who you think could use your services. You can phone them or drop by to talk with them in person. Try to get an appointment with the decision maker who has the power to hire you. If you do manage to get a meeting, make sure you are on time, dressed professionally, and bring good sample videos to show the quality of your work.


Along with your cold calling efforts, make sure you tell everyone you know that you are looking for work as a freelance videographer. Along with asking your friends and family if they know anybody who could use your services, you need to network as much as possible. One great way to get yourself known is to join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend the meetings on a regular basis. Research other business organizations in your area that you could join and don’t forget service clubs like Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis. Some of these clubs require nomination by a current member or other criteria for entry, so just make sure you are aware of what is required so that you don’t step on any toes. Check your newspaper for upcoming networking possibilities and take every opportunity you get to attend these events and talk with as many people as possible while you are there.


Sometimes to get your work known, you can volunteer to videotape various charity events or happenings at your church. Consider things like the walks that raise money for charitable causes along with charity auction and fashion shows. You can also check with your minister to see if he would like to have his messages taped so that he can review them later or share them with congregation members who are not able to attend the weekly services. Churches also may have special events like carnivals that you can videotape and post to their web site.

Other Tips

As a professional videographer, you should have your own website that you update with new video clips of your work on a regular basis. Consider posting some of your work to YouTube. If it is good, it might just take off and make you an overnight sensation.

You should also take footage that you think would be of interest to your local TV station. You might consider covering high school sporting events, cultural festivals, art shows and state fairs, just to name a few. You can then take your footage and approach the decision makers at the TV station. You might just have some footage that they are willing to buy, and if your work is good, they may want to hire you and send you on assignment to do additional freelance work for them. 

Take every chance you have to attend things like wedding expos and other such events that will allow you to market your services to potential clients. You can also look online for posting of freelance videographer jobs. One website you should check out is Here you can post your profile and gain access to buyers who are looking for freelance videographers.