Freelance Writer Job Networking Tips

If you have decided to be a freelance writer, you will need to plan to succeed. Part of that means networking. In any job, networking is the prime means of finding jobs. Networking means making contacts and making yourself available. Networking means associating with people that are willing to help you and people who are willing to accept your help. Implementing the following tips will help you to be successful in your networking strategy.

Be Visible Online

If any of your work comes from online business, having a presence online is essential. Freelance writers will find that there are many opportunities for them on the Internet. There are several things you can do be visible online. You can create a blog or a website that showcases your work and gives potential clients a place to contact you. Make sure that your site is professional and includes links to relevant sources of work that you have completed. Social networking is also important. Be active on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They can be used to your advantage if you use them as a means to reveal your expertise and your skills.

Associate with People That Can Help

If you have a field of expertise make sure you have contacts in that field. Attend seminars, workshops, and events where you are likely to meet potential clients. Do not hesitate to make them aware of why you are there and have a professional business card ready to hand out. You can associate with professionals in the field that you write about through newsgroups, forums and virtual workshops. LinkedIn is an excellent place to find discussion boards and groups that are filled with potential clients. Take every opportunity to meet with people that may become clients or can refer you to those who may be looking for a freelance writer.

Align Yourself with Reputable Freelancers

Business often take into account who you align yourself with when they are considering you for a freelance writing job so make sure that your connections are positive. If you participate in blog commenting, make sure that the blog you are commenting in is reputable. Examine your Twitter followers to ensure that there are not scammers or fake profiles following you and do not auto-follow. If the freelancers that you are aligned with have a good reputation, it will reflect well on you.

Join Organizations

There are many organizations that can improve your reputation. They can be writing organizations or they may be associations that are focused on the field that you write about. Being part of an organization is a great way to find out about jobs because they often have listings for job searchers. People in organizations often refer work to others that they cannot take on themselves. They can also be a great source of information about finding jobs and making new networking connections.