Gay Interview

GLBT - In or Out at the Interview!

Be prepared for questions about your GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transsexual) CV.

Regardless of whether you are 'in' or 'out' as GLBT, on your CV you must be prepared for questions during the interview. The employer might ask you what type of organization Pride is or ask what issues the anti discrimination organisation you were a member of dealt with.

If you have decided to be open about your sexuality then you can reply with a general description.

But if you have chosen not to be 'out' as GLBT, then you may want to refer to focus instead on the skills and achievements you obtained as a result of your work. Focusing on the skills you have to offer will distract the focus from the organization.

As with any new thing that you do in life, you will improve with practice.

Preparation is always key. Ensure you are prepared for those awkward questions with answers that focus on your ability.

As with any interview, GLBT interview or otherwise, the key to dealing with GLBT CV's, GLBT interviews etc. is practice. If you are surprised by a GLBT question during an interview, you may appear unprepared and unsure so prepare for GLBT interview questions to arise.