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Gay - Finding GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transsexual) friendly employers

While some employers do not discriminate against GLBT employee's others do, so how do you find a GLBT friendly employer? No one can know for sure how an employer once employed will treat you and that is the case for non-GLBT employees too. But you can undertake research into the company to get a better idea the work environment and how certain incidents might be handled and whether they are Gay friendly employers. You can also check the GLBT newspapers for GLBT friendly employers who do not discriminate.

Area's you should research include:

  • The company's anti-discrimination policies.
  • The area's regulations regarding discrimination
  • Domestic Partner Benefits
  • GLBT Employee Groups

The company's anti-discrimination policies.

Ask the company to forward you a copy of their anti-discrimination policy and see if it includes provision for GLBT employees. This information can also be found in any promotional materials they might have regarding staff recruitment. If they are gay friendly employers they should have an anti discrimination policy that reflects this.

If sexual orientation is not included in that document it could be an oversight or it could be deliberate. You have no way of knowing so research the other areas named for further guidance. You could contact the Human resource dept of the company (if they have one) and ask them for advice - anonymously if you feel it necessary.

The area's regulations regarding discrimination

Depending on where you are in the world, some areas might include sexual orientation in their employment non-discrimination laws. If you are fortunate to find that this is the case where you are seeking work, then you are protected should discrimination occur. Additionally its inclusion would seem to indicate that the area is likely to be more tolerant and accepting of GLBT's and have GLBT friendly employers.

Domestic Partner Benefits.

Again, depending on where you are in the world, the company you are researching may in addition to having benefits for spouses may also now include domestic partners. These benefits may include health and life insurance, use of Gyms' pension etc. The inclusion of domestic partner in the employments package does indicate acceptance and tolerance.

GLBT Employee Groups.

Human resources personnel can tell you whether the employer has formal or informal organizations for GBLT employees and provide contact details.