Gay Resume

In or Out on your CV- that is the question!

CVs are the first impression an employer gets when it comes to applying for a job vacancy. So you want to create a good one. You may have some great experience and skills that you obtained while working for GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transsexual) organisations such as Pride. You may be worried though that if you include those details and say you are Gay on your CV, that your employer might discriminate against you.

While you may not want your sexuality to remain a secret you may not want to be 'out of the race' so early on in the recruitment process due to discrimination. Writing GLBT on CV might just do that.

The first thing you need to consider when deciding what information to include or leave out of your CV is whether you want to work for an employer who is likely to discriminate against candidates for being GLBT or associated with them.

Once you have made that decision re Gay on CV or not, you can proceed as follows:

You want to be out on your CV

Simple, merely list your GLBT organisations and related experience, skills etc as you would for any other organisation on your CV.

You do NOT want to be out on your CV

If you do not want to be out on your CV do not name the GLBT organizations or affiliations you were associated with. You could instead, refer to them as Anti-Discrimination organisations. Then detail on your CV the duties or skills you gained while with them.

Some job candidates simply refer to the organizations as GLBT groups, or name of the group i.e. Pride.

Alternatively you could use a 'functional' or 'skills-based' format for your CV. This then emphasizes the skills that you gained rather than placing emphasis on the group or organisation.

Whatever you decide remember to be prepared for questions about what you write at the interview!