Getting a job inside a Casino

You may have already decided that the gaming industry is for you, but since there are so many available jobs, you will need some guidance. The job descriptions for the different categories vary according to the location and position at the casino.

The fast growing casino industry, with its luxurious facilities, entertainment options, and wide range of services that caters for families, professional gamblers, adventure seekers and businessmen, provide an almost endless list of available jobs. These establishments must have enough personnel to manage the casino floors, do promotion work, entertain, and wait on people. Apart from this they also need sales people, hotel and restaurant staff, and security, dock loading personnel and accountants.

Casino job - floor
This includes the dealers, slot machine waiters, table waiters, bingo callers, floor security, surveillance personnel, hosts, clerks, cashiers, floor managers, pit bosses and slot machine attendants. If you consider employment as one of the floor personnel, you will need to have a clean record, good credit history and a flair for dealing with customers. The floor personnel dress in a corporate manner and must at all times portray a professional image of the casino.

Casino job - hotel
Many of the larger casinos are connected to hotels. These hotels need receptionists, cleaners, kitchen staff, restaurant and bar personnel, entertainers, porters, doormen, maintenance support staff, accountants, human resource managers, event planners, marketers, customer services personnel and managers.

Casino job - behind the scenes
Apart from applying for one of the positions on the floor, you can also consider a job behind the scenes. This includes maintenance, cleaning, surveillance, money counting, auditing, personnel management, financial planning, general marketing, and office work. Casinos also need instructors for their in-house training of dealers. If you have a lot of experience and have the necessary qualifications then this position is for you.

Casino job - other types
This includes construction work, photography, driving and dock loading, as well entertainment and child caring. The entertainment departments need people to design the sets, handle the tickets, make the costumes, and manage the choreography. All the work will be for nothing if there aren't any singers or dancers and hosts.

People get thirsty and also want to eat when they play a while and for this reason many entry-level opportunities exist in the food division. They don't only employ people to serve the drinks and food, but also chefs, caterers, and general kitchen staff. Most of the employees work on an hourly rate and supplement their income with tokes or tips. It is hard work and long hours, but the labor turnover is high and you can be sure that there is always an opening.

Thousands of tourists flock to casino resorts and you can supplement your income by showing people around. Apply with small tour operators close to the casinos for short tours. You will need good communication skills and a love for the outdoor working environment.

These are just a few of the available jobs at casinos. Contact the human resources departments of the casinos for a list of positions available. Review all the positions to find out which one appeal to you and fit your skills.