Getting in a rut with your job search

Don't try to do too much at once, particularly if you're not used to job searching. It takes awhile to get efficient and achieve a good level of productivity. People tend to make mistakes when they're getting tired, and you don't need mistakes on your applications.

Get back to the grindstone when you're feeling genuinely better and interested in doing more work. Set realistic goals for the amount of work you do each day. Make sure you're alert and attentive, not bored and distracted.

  • Stay healthy: take ergonomic breaks every hour

This is basic OHS, but it's also common sense. One of the reasons for feeling tired and getting distracted is getting pinned in a chair for hours on end. That can do some damage to your circulation and your breathing, as well as your peace of mind. A quick stretch, a cup of tea or coffee, and getting away from the coal face will always help.

Eyestrain can also be a problem with non LCD screens, and some people get headaches and dizziness. If you're having persistent or sudden severe episodes, see a doctor immediately. The bottom line is get away from the computer. You're not doing yourself any favors by overdoing it.

  • Avoid 'job application fatigue'

People work so hard on their job applications. 'Job application fatigue' is all too common. The sad fact is that doing a lot of job applications is sometimes not the right approach to job hunting. It becomes a single track approach, and by definition, it leaves out all the other ways of finding a job. Job applications are not the only way of finding work, nor are they all you need to be thinking about when job hunting.

Job seekers need career and life options, and meaningful objectives. 'Job application fatigue' is a symptom of a job hunt that needs more avenues. It's important to explore other methods, and create new possibilities.

  • Training opportunities

Training can be the one single move that changes a job seeker's life forever. Some people are under skilled, or lack current skills, and it keeps them out of work. Training changes that situation, permanently. It also very effectively breaks up a job hunting rut, by creating new options.

You can get out of any rut and stay out of it, simply by breaking the old behavior patterns and changing your mindset.