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The internet produces huge amounts of new information, and new situations, every day.

Online job searching is a lot more convenient than the old newspaper-and-prayer type of job search used to be, but just finding things takes time, and keeping up to date isn't too easy, either.

As an international employment site, we see it all. We have to stay current with our own information, and it's an ongoing job just keeping track of how the employment market is changing.

Global business culture is evolving, and as the New Economy takes shape, the internet itself is becoming the workplace.

So we've put together a lot of links, articles, and generally useful stuff to try and make every page on the site effective.

Glossary - This is the terminology and language of the employment market, like a dictionary.

Sample Resumes & CVs

Career Map

Job Search FAQ

Self-Assessment Tests

This is the coal face of modern employment. It's as much a mental process as physical. There are articles about things like Dead Peasants Insurance, the future of job search, Online Job Scams, there's a whole new dictionary being born as the new situations generate new descriptions.

You can actually see the new words arriving that are going to have to go into our next Glossary update.

We also have:

  • A free newsletter,
  • And most importantly:

The Career Advice Forum, where you can ask questions and get advice from our members, or give some advice yourself. is a bit different from other employment sites.

We're a people and issues-driven site.

We handle real life problems, not academic exercises.

Given problems, we go looking for answers.

We've found some of the top acknowledged experts in the employment field, and interviewed their authors.

We've also found that people appreciate advice from the personal level, much more than some sort of patronizing lecture.

Our experts and members will give you options, ideas, feedback, definitely a few laughs, and some food for thought.

All employment experience is valuable.

Whether you're at entry level or retiree, you've got some information that can help someone, and explain a situation.

If you post something on our Forum, you will get a hearing, and answers.

We can honestly say we're achieving something, because that's what our members are telling us.

Anyone can join, it's free.

If you've got any questions, you can always contact us direct, anytime, on the Contact link at the bottom of every page.

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