Have You Thought Of Finding A Job Through Classifieds

What was the world before the Internet? How did people find what they wanted ? particularly from the job perspective? The best method of advertising and searching tool at the same time were the newspapers, and more exactly their classifieds. Even today, smaller towns and technologically challenged cities/ regions still depend upon this method for most of their wants.

Online Classifieds ? The Internet's Contribution

The Internet simplified a lot of things for humans ever since it was launched in the beginning of the 20th century. Matrimonials, felicitations, obituaries, and of course wanted/ help wanted ads, etc have abounded in these online 'newspapers' or 'e-media'.

Putting this to good use, it has brought a world of convenience to the ordinary job-seeker who is now able to see and apply for jobs world-wide not only in his/her region. The newspapers still publish their classifieds ? and this is not likely to change in the near future ? however, the emphasis is less on international and/or plum jobs; rather it concentrates on the local 'help-wanted' and generally covers lesser known/ small businesses.

On the other hand, the online classifieds are gaining in popularity with every day that passes. There are some e-newspapers and/ or sites which figure the classifieds as images ? just as the newspaper would. These are not searchable because the Web cannot read or index images. However, most of the online recruiting advertisers learnt to use the Internet to their advantage and have fully searchable database which makes it exceedingly easy to find your niche area for applications.

Let us say, you are an engineer with five years of experience ? you could key in these attributes and BINGO! You will have in front of you in a few seconds a long list of companies that need engineers with 5 years+ experience. All you will have to do is to start applying!

There are many popular newspapers which double their classifieds online, while they still run it in print for the Internet non-savvy people. Nonetheless, with the technology fast gaining grounds, it definitely looks like the job classifieds at least would be more and more found online as they would be in print.

Sites such as http://www.monster.com, http://www.naukri.com, http://www.jobsabroad.com, http://www.4icj.com, http://www.craigslist.org, http://www.inernational-job-search.com, http://www.jobsahead.com, http://www.jobs-at.com, http://www.wortree.com and so on make it their aim to post as many and as diverse job options as possible.

There are millions who enlist to these sites worldwide. You have to choice to apply through their data base and separately (directly) to the company. Whichever way you choose, the important thing is that today you can use the Internet to get leads in absolutely any region you want to work in the world at the click of a mouse.

This does not mean that the placement agencies have become redundant - on the contrary, each area has find their niche in the job search market, and each one of them has their own role to play in building your career.

You can build your career by finding and applying the right job online. However, here you should be very careful that your present employer does not 'stumble' upon your CV in the 'job-wanted' sections of these online sites, or you will be risking your present job. In order to avoid that, you will need to be very careful when you upload your personal coordinates on the Net.

For this purpose it is very important that you be very choosy when using the online jobsites. You will need to use only those sites which allow the prospective employer to watch your CV or personal coordinates only after you have given the permission to do so. Your CV in this case, should not be freely visible to the employers ? the highlights of your educational qualifications and experience would suffice here.

There are job-search sites (craigslist.org) that use local communities to police the boards and make sure that no false or misleading information is posted. This is an excellent device that works like a wonder in keeping the site replete with genuine offers. This method of self-policing is being adopted steadily by many other jobs search websites because it not only simplifies the webmaster's job, but also keeps it current and authentic.

Check out a few of these online job-search sites today and enjoy a global platform instantly.