Hospital Secretary Job Search Tips

Searching for a hospital secretary position often presents unique challenges. Fortunately, if you review these tips, your job search will go more smoothly and be less stressful. Here, you will find the necessary steps to take before, during and after your job search.

Create a Plan

The first step for any project should always be the step that focuses on planning and organization. You will need to create a resume, cover letter and set of references. Decide what type of hospital you want to work for. Is there a specific division of a hospital that interests you? Are you willing to relocate? If not, what is an acceptable commute? Narrowing down the job search will allow you to focus on jobs that meet your requirements. However, try to keep an open mind about all hospital secretary positions, as you might find a job that interests you more than you thought possible.

Resume and Cover Letter

Before beginning your job search, you should create a resume that highlights any and all positions you have held that will make you a prime candidate for a hospital secretary position. Don't forget to include any volunteer activities, leadership positions or relevant clubs that you have been involved with. Now that you have created a resume, you need to map out a general cover letter. During your job search, each job will have a different set of qualification requirements and a cover letter will help you convince the employer that you are a prime candidate. The cover letter and resume can and should be modified for each job. Make sure there are absolutely no mistakes, as this is your potential employer's first impression of you.

Let the Search Begin!

It is a common misconception that you should apply for as many jobs as possible. The fact is that you should aim for quality and not quantity. Look on various job search websites in order to get an idea of what positions are being offered. In addition, you should go to the human resources website of each and every hospital within a moderate distance of your home. If you do not mind relocating, it may be advisable to search human resources pages of hospitals in different cities for hospital secretary positions. Find as many available positions as you can, and then begin researching the hospital's mission, policies, and atmosphere. Apply only for jobs that you would most likely take if you were offered the position; this will help you give the necessary attention to creating a great cover letter and resume for each job.

Network Till You Drop!

There are health care career fairs all over the country, as well as industry happy hours. Take the opportunity to meet people in the health care industry. Dress to impress, put on a smile and ask questions. You never know who is going to help you find a hospital secretary job.