Hospitalist Job Search Tips

Finding a hospitalist job is a relatively easy task as long as you know where to look for such a position in your community. Because a hospitalist provides medical care only inside a hospital, available job search methods can be a little difference from other health care positions. But many of the same methods do apply. Looking for a hospitalist job could range from searching online websites to picking up a local newspaper and perusing the classified advertisements.

Calling Local Hospitals

The first place to start hunting for a hospitalist job is your local hospitals. Start by searching for large, medium and small-sized hospitals in your community. Decide how far you are willing to travel for the job before applying. Contact each hospital you are interested in by either cold calling the human resources department or finding out who is in charge of the hiring process. You will need to share your resume or CV and any other pertinent credentials, certificates and medical experience with this person, so be prepared before you call.

Searching Online

Another way to find a hospitalist job is to search the Internet job boards, especially those specific to the medical field. Look for ads that list the qualifications, location and the pay for a job, as well as where you can apply, which is often right online.

Trying Medical Centers

If you cannot find what you are looking for in a hospital setting, try local or area neighborhood medical centers. Medical centers are typically fully equipped just like hospitals, but they are not as extensive and do not have the same number of staff. Try hunting online for medical centers that are within your driving parameters.

Ask Your Doctor

If you have a family physician, you might ask him what hospital he is on staff at and see if he has any tips or contacts that could help you get a hospitalist job there. Some doctors are on staff at more than one hospital or medical facility.

Check Local Publications

Be sure to check your local newspapers and magazines for classified listings that may have hospitalist jobs listed under the medical section. You will want to check daily and not just on Sunday since jobs can be listed any time. Also, don’t be so quick to toss away free publications that often have classified pages, too. Many of these types of publications make their living solely by revenues from such ads and classified listings.