Hotel Internship: Tips for Success

A hotel internship introduces you to the hospitality industry. The internship program can be excellent experience if you want to work in the hotel sector, particularly if you plan to work with an upscale hotel.

Types of Hotel Internships

You may discover various forms of hotel internships. You will definitely need to check out the exact nature of the work before you apply. Make certain that you possess the right qualifications and experience to apply for these positions. The hospitality industry is a highly competitive employment market, particularly for these hard-to-get training positions.

These are the basic streams of hotel internship:

  • Hotel management: Usually related to business applications and career development in the management area
  • Hotel administration: Accountancy, general administration, hotel business procedures
  • Lodging: Reception and bookings
  • Food and beverages (aka culinary): Kitchen chefs and catering, waiter training, bar training
  • Human resources: Human resources operations within the industry
  • Housekeeping: Room attendants, laundry, building maintenance, groundskeeping

Finding a Hotel Internship

Check multiple sources of information regarding hotel internships. The main concern is finding the internship program which provides good training and experience for your career track. As a rule, the more upscale the hotel, the better the credentials provided by the internship. If you get a hotel internship at a five-star international hotel, it will serve you well for employment in the future, particularly if you also get references from the hotel.

Questions for a Hotel Internship Interview

Approach an internship interview the same way as a typical job interview, regardless of your level of qualification or experience. The various streams of internships are a good guide to the types of interview questions involved. In all areas your core skills and knowledge have to match the internship position well. You will need to provide good examples of your experience and ability to succeed.

The internship provider is looking for a person able to do the job, and your ability to get the position will be based on proving these superior skills:

  • Hotel management: Business qualifications, prior experience in a management environment, and relevant training are good basic qualifications. Highlight relevant experience and examples of your work.
  • Hotel administration: Internships involve basic work in these roles, and your information should indicate strong skills in the appropriate areas.
  • Lodging: This is a hospitality industry specialty. If you’ve gained previous experience in these areas, particularly working with the data systems and booking formats, you will show the necessary level of skills.
  • Food and beverages: Cookery qualifications, waiter and bar training are essential requirements in these areas.
  • Human resources: Hotel HR jobs are corporate HR roles. Prior HR training or experience in that environment will give you a significant advantage.
  • Housekeeping: Previous experience in motels, hotels, commercial laundry operations, building work, landscaping and gardening are the main prerequisites.

Interview Tips for a Hotel Internship

The hotel industry is an image-based business. Your presentation will need to be competitive and fit the image of the hotel. Appearance, manner and personal presence can make a major statement in your favor. Your communications skills and presentation of your personality should show excellent rapport and good “people skills.”

Your research of the internship will map out the important areas where you must prove competence in the duties of the position. Interview answers must be kept simple and relevant to the internship. Use the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Results) to spell out your answers clearly.