How can I help you hire me

Use Basic Marketing Tactics

With today's job market being as competitive as it is, getting yourself hired requires helping the employer see the benefits to their companies needs by using your skills and abilities. In order to do this you must use a basic marketing strategy to help yourself get hired. This method does four things:

  • You show employers you have a clear direction and purpose which their company fits into
  • You can showcase your abilities to quickly match them to the companies need for financial growth.
  • Demonstrates your value and tangible benefit to the company

By using a targeted marketing strategy you reduce your chances of rejection while showing prospective employers your ability to understand their concerns and company better than your competition.

Writing Ads for Job Boards

When you are writing your profile on job boards you must do everything you can to help yourself get hired. This includes writing your profile so that it works as a sales tool, because it is. This is what gets the employer to the next step - your resume. On a job board, such as Monster or Career Builder, you are among hundreds of other applicants or more. Consider your 'ad' on the job board like a business card that the employer sees. Here are some tips to help you write one:

  • Do use a snappy headline
  • Don't write a statement such as 'I'm a hardworker' or 'I'm dependable' since everyone on the board is using those punchlines
  • Do use action verbs when describing your abilities
  • Don't

Write a Proper Résumé

One of the first thoughts in an employer's mind when they look at your resume is 'why should I hire you'? The second thought is 'what do you have to offer me that I can use'? To help yourself get hired you must answer both questions within the first half of the resume. Here are some writing tips for better resumes:

  • Don't use language you wouldn't use in everyday life such as
  • Do speak in concise, simple, straightforward sentences
  • Don't write long descriptive for jobs or your objective if you use one
  • Do state your success and achievements for each job in relation to the current position you are after
  • Don't use a template or boilerplate resume
  • Do craft a resume specifically targeted to each employer and their needs

To help yourself get hired you must show the employer how hiring you helps them. The entire task is about showing the employer how you benefit their bottom line, solve their problem, and make their life easier.

Know What to do at Interviews

To help yourself get hired you must use every part of the interview as well. Offer solutions to every problem the employer presents. If the employer fails to present many problems, ask about possible problems using the research and information you gathered when targeting this company as a job prospect. Then present your solutions to those problems using your skills and abilities. Other tips you might want to consider include:

  • Watching for hints that the interview is ending such as rustling papers or the employer looks at his watch
  • If a problem came up, use the end of the interview to repeat your resolution to it.
  • Ask the employer if there are any questions or concerns they have which might keep you from being considered.
  • If you want the job, ask for it. Showing interest in the position helps employers gain enthusiasm for hiring you

At the end of the interview, the best thing which helps you get hired is to arrange a reason and time to call back. The objective here is again to show interest and help close the deal being your employment. One of the best ways to do this is a questions such as 'when would be the best time to contact you about this position?'. Framing the question this way reduces the ability to answer with a 'no' response. Get a specific day and best time for you to do this. Make sure you do call.