How computer can help you in your job search

What is computer literacy by definition? 'Computer literacy' generally bears indication to the ability of a person to use computer applications. These people are also called 'power users'. Those who know to program these machines are known as programmers.

Computers are today part and parcel of our lives and just as being literate is being taken for granted so is computer literacy taken for granted. A professional is expected to know to use computers and their application in his/ her field of operation, even if it is at the most basic level possible. Besides the fact that every job today entails some or other requirement of computer knowledge, finding a job itself is highly dependent upon the level of one's computer literacy.

Let us see how computer literacy can help you in your job search:

  • Education: There is a see of wealth on the Internet on how things can be done best when applying for a job. There is advice on how to conduct yourself at interviews, how to dress, how to answer questions and also what question to put to your interviewers. The advice extends itself on how to handle trick questions and how to take care of many things that are crucial to bagging a job.
  • Wide coverage: There is a tremendous coverage that one can get through the Internet. A computer literate person can use the Net for his/her advantage and apply to a global market electronically rather than regional on pen and paper regionally. There are a wide range of online job search engines which will match your CV to the best suitable job available. In this way you not only can get a vast number of jobs to choose from, you also are able to reach out to far off regions in your country and even other countries. There is no other way to cover so much geographical area other than with the help of the computers.
  • Immense opportunity: When you are looking for a job you are not having instantly the exact company and exact type of job that you really want - unless you are a doctor or engineer (and even there you can still have a lot leverage in choosing). For all others the Internet will offer you a great wide array of choices that you can never find otherwise in the physical world. The opportunities out there are mind boggling - but without the computer and the knowledge of harnessing its capacity, you can never discover them; with a computer, your opportunities are just a click away. All you have to do is key in your job requirements and the search engine will give you a sea of jobs to choose from.
  • Time saver: Today with the help of computers your one uploaded CV can simultaneously reach thousands of companies in one instant. This simple and amazing thing can actually bring to your doorstep a great number of offers within an extremely limited time. Time which you could actually use to get the job and start earning rather than continuing to apply to different companies intermittently. The saving of time has another great side effect - i.e. it helps a job seeker enjoy a much higher level of confidence because he/she will be constantly assailed with job offers; people who apply through post or answering advertisements are much more slower in receiving offers than while using the Internet.
  • Tailor made CV and applications: Knowing computers will help you apply to a thousand companies on an individual manner with a tailor made cover letter specifically written with that company's needs in mind. In this way you raise your odds for being chosen as the right candidate by more than 50 per cent. Actually mass printouts of CVs for applications are one of the main reasons for receiving rejection. A company likes to see that the candidate that wants to fill a vacancy with them takes the trouble to know what they need and how their skills and knowledge match the company's requirements. The HR personnel has most of the times only about 10 seconds to decide which CVs are good and which are not for the first shortlist; and only those CVs which can at a glance focus on the best match, will stand a good chance.
  • Training opportunities: Computer literacy best plus point is that it gives you access to a world of training programs and material which will indeed help you in bettering yourself for any job whatsoever. The training and self-study material available on the internet is limitless. There is no topic that does not have some indepth answer on the Internet and for the person who know how and where to look, one can build up sufficient knowledge base to outperform the best available hands in the market.
  • Online degrees: Though this is not directly connected to searching of a job, an additional degree will definitely improve anyone's chances to land their dream jobs. Today the Internet brings within the reach of the common man the greatest universities of national and international repute; this is called distance education through the Net. You do not need to leave your present work place, or residential area, or even go for applying for admission. All you have to do is open the Internet and register online for any degree you need or want to pursue for a satisfying career.

Computer usage is at its best when you put the Internet to work for you. And harnessing the strength of the Internet is possible only when you master the medium that houses it, i.e. computers. Hence, you need to be a computer literate to be able to use apply your best foot forward when searching for a job. For those who are still green about computers - do not worry. Computer courses are the most popular crash courses across the globe today. Just check your neighborhood out for a class and sign in TODAY. Be a winner TOMORROW.