How to be TEFL certified

Do native English speaking persons need TEFL qualification to teach English?

TEFL training is not necessary for obtaining work at language schools, but people with the certificates get higher salaries and have more teaching opportunities. Most of the schools require TEFL certification. The TEFL training also provides valuable experience and preparation.

What do the acronyms stand for?

  • EFL ? English Foreign Language
  • ELT ? English Language Training
  • EMT ? English Mother Tongue
  • ESL ? English Second Language
  • TEFL - Teaching English Foreign Language
  • TESL ? Teaching English Second Language
  • TOEFL ? Teaching of English Foreign Language
  • TOESL ?Teaching of English Second Language

English Foreign Language is for people who learn the English language in a country where English is not spoken by the majority of people. English Second language is normally taught in a country where many people or the majority of the people can speak and use English on a regular basis, but the learner is not English speaking. Foreigners who work in an English speaking country fall in this category. Although there are theoretical differences in the terms, they all apply to teaching English as a foreign or second language.

How long does the TEFL training take?

The training normally takes from one month to a year. It depends on the course taken and whether you study part time or do the intensive one month training. There are shorter courses but most schools will not accept certification from one of the crash courses.

Can you do a distance learning course?

There are many TEFL training courses that you can do online and through distance learning institutions. Most of these lack practical classes. Some of the online courses have practices and you can request a practice period at a local school. The TEFL onsite classes are the best and most preferred by employers.

Where to find TEFL courses
The best place to look for TEFL training courses is the Internet. There are several hundreds of places that offer TEFL courses throughout the world. If you are in Europe you can visit the British Council or browse through one of the ELT publications for advertisements from language schools and course providers. The TEFL forums on the Internet also provide information on course providers.