How to End Your Job Search (and Find Your Dream Job Fast)

No need to remain glued to your desk, the latest technology lets you enjoy the great outdoors, grab a cup of coffee and even spend time with friends (online or off) while you job search. With more companies and career sites going mobile, candidates have the freedom to tap and send resumes whenever, wherever. What's even better, recruiters are turning to social media to actively seek out candidates. According to Jobvite's social recruiting survey, 92 percent of companies said they used social media to find and hire new workers. By keeping your social profile current and professional you increase the chances of hiring managers finding you. You don't need to sit in front of your computer all day to find a job, your dream career is at your fingertips.

Work Those Apps

By know you know there's an app for everything, even your job search. Most search engines provide a mobile app that allows you to tailor your job search using keywords and even send notifications jobs that may interest you. By uploading your resume, applying for jobs is as easy as hitting "send." More than just helping you find jobs, there are many apps specifically designed to guide job seekers, like you, during their search. The What Color is Your Parachute Interview Tool takes interview preparation to the next level with a handheld version of the popular book. The app is filled with questions, answers and tips to help you land that dream job.

Be a Social Butterfly

Social media can be an excellent resource for job seekers. Platforms like LinkedIn are targeted to help users grow their professional networks. The site's blog is also packed with useful information for career success. For recruiters, social networks present an opportunity to gain information about candidates before setting up an interview. This means any inappropriate posting or picture can instantly kill your chances of landing an interview. Jobvite's study showed that 58 percent of hiring managers get a good feel for a candidate's personality through social media. Social presence is a must for job seekers, but even more vital is the quality of the content available for recruiters to find. In addition to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are also likely stops for recruiters. Clean up your profile with these tips:

  • Delete/un-tag inappropriate photos (i.e. your Spring Break '05 bikini shot)
  • Refrain from opinionated postings about controversial topics (politics, human rights, etc.)
  • Make sure your professional information is consistent across all platforms
  • Use social platforms to connect with companies you're interested.

Follow Up Fast

Because we have the convenience of technology at our fingertips, there's no excuse for a lag in follow up. Using smartphones and tablets, you can optimize your inbox by setting up alerts that notify you of important emails. You can easily respond to important messages right from your device and show recruiters you mean business. Stay organized by using your devices' calendar feature to set appointments and reminders for the many interviews you're sure to have lined up. The Yoga Tablet 10 is versatile and even has an optional attachable keyboard if you get hired and need to start working from it daily.