How to erase self-doubt when job seeking

Job seeking over an extended time can raise self-doubts in many people. If you are one of these people, you need to find a method to eliminate the negative self-imaging and replace it with positive confident realizations of yourself. While it may sound hard, it is possible. Listed below are a few of the more common negative thoughts and how you can turn them into positive resolve.

Without a job I am nothing. Your job is what you do for a living, it is not what makes you who you are. This negative job seeking statement can become positive by simply remembering that you were not born with a job, nor will you die from lack of a job; the job simply helps you live life better.

My background is full of job hopping. While this job seeking comment looks negative to some employers, a way to turn this negative into a positive is to restate it in relevance to the wide range of experience you bring to the new employer.

No one is hiring. This is a negative statement which is used too often and mostly misunderstood. You can turn this negative into a positive by remembering that employers don't hire to have employees, they hire employees to solve problems. You are a solution to an employers problem. You simply need to find that one employer.

I've been doing this work for so long it's the only thing I know how to do. What did you do before your last job? You learned your last job, so why can't you learn a new job? Turn this negative into a positive by finding new things to learn, classes to take or updating your skills to fit into yet another type of work.

I have no experience. This depends on the job you are looking for. Are you looking for a job that suits your abilities and skills? This negative turns into a positive easily when you only look for work that you know you can do, or you are eager to learn. An easy way to learn new skills is to volunteer or train under someone.

I'm too old to change. This is only true if you are dead. If you are reading this, you are not dead. No one is too old to learn. Everyone is always learning something new, every hour of every day. Why not make the learning pay for itself with a new career?

What if I get fired, or laid off again? Get another job. Everyone gets fired or let go from a job at some point in their life. You will not stay unemployed indefinitely because of a job loss. You will simply switch to a better, more qualified position suited to your needs.