How To Fill a Job Application

Your job application can make or break your job. A very crucial aspect of job-seeking is meticulously 'tackle' your job application.

A job application is more or less similar to your resume except for a few questions here and there. Apart from it being a convenient technique, most companies ask the candidates to fill the job application to maintain uniformity in selection.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while 'tackling' your job application

Precise Answers: Most job applications follow a similar pattern, however it is advisable to read all the details asked properly and answer accordingly. Try to give out the optimum details. It is all right to give a little extra information, but certainly not worth leaving out on specific details asked for.

Presentation: First impression is the last impression. Ink blots, cancellations et al can get you negative markings. It is also not a very positive sign to leave columns blank unless not applicable. Make sure you fill in every detail and maintain neatness throughout the application. This would also give an impression of you as a no-nonsense person.

Straightforward: Kite flying in your job application is a strict 'No-No'. Writing about your achievements does not mean giving false information or lying in the application. It is also not advisable to play the bluff-master simply to avoid leaving the space blank.

Feel Good: Remember, not to write any detail that expresses something negative. It could be about your attitude or about what you think about some certain job or a person or anything that demands you to express an opinion. Your job application should be capable enough to create an aura of feel good around yourself.

No Goof-ups: once you are done completing your job application, check it all over again. The job application must be fool-proof. On being cross-questioned on any of the details provided, you must be in a position to answer confidently and not stare blankly.

And for fulfilling the above mentioned criteria successfully, the most important is to be well-prepared.