How to find a job in Japan ?

Working Opportunities in Japan Books

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A Man with No Talents Author: Oyama Shiro; Buy New: $14.28
In the Know in Japan Author: Jennifer Phillips; Buy New: $22.95
Working Out in Japan Author: Laura Spielvogel; Buy New: $21.95
Working in Japan Author: Hiroshi Honda; Buy New: $40.00
Japanese Working Class Lives Author: James Roberson; Buy New: $135.00
Western Women Working in Japan Author: Nancy K. Napier; Buy New: $73.95
Japanese Women Working Author: Janet Hunter; Buy New: $44.95
The Changing Face of Japanese Management Author: Keith Jackson; Buy New: $150.00
Staying on the Line Author: Glenda S. Roberts; Buy New: $23.00
Flexible Working in Food Retailing Author: C. Baret; Buy New: $150.00
A Revolution in Manufacturing Author: Shigeo Shingo; Buy New: $75.00
San'Ya Blues Author: Edward Fowler; Buy New: $55.00