How to find internships in the International Market.

Internships are the best way to gain valuable experience and secure international jobs. These are a good way to focus on academic specializations on the practical front and build up your work experience and are now almost a prerequisite for an international career.

Types of International Internships
Most internships fit in the established structure of most universities. These can range from a few months to a year although mostly they are available either for one semester or a full academic year. International internships are best suited for motivated and independent students in fields like research, advocacy, journalism and public policy. Most internships are catered for current students or recent graduates.

Even though internships do not pay large salaries, the experience gained and contacts made during this time is invaluable. Internships offer more challenges as they are project-based, giving responsibilities that are wider than the regular daily operations require. A successful stint as an international intern can lead to a full time position with the organization.

Finding your fit
To find the right internship, you must evaluate your career goals and time required to commit yourself to this program, forgoing a higher salary back home. Conducting research on the organization and country is essential to finding the right internship. Contacting former interns is a useful technique at getting the true picture of the position and its requirements. Usually six to eight months is required to apply for international internships.

Application Process
Being selected for an internship is getting extremely competitive and should be tackled as one would a regular job application. International internships are primarily about a strong motivational personality and it is essential to convey your strengths to the organization.

The personal contact is extremely important at this stage, as it is often easier to look over the company website and get the same information, but you will lose the opportunity to make a connection in person with the company. Calling the intern recruiter personally and finding out exactly what type of intern they require will help in preparing a cover letter specifically for them. It is also advisable to meet former interns for more detailed information.

Selection for internships is based on the cover letter or email, resume and application form. It is imperative to fill the application forms with utmost care and write interesting and precise cover letters. If applying by email, it is important to follow up with a phone call and make some personal contact with the company.

An effective strategy is to offer to fill in as a replacement intern when others drop out at the last minute. If you have been in touch with the intern recruiter, have all your papers in order and are available at a short notice, you might win the internship this way.

To find the ideal internship, it is essential to be diligent and methodical in the search using new methods like internet searches as well as traditional ones like referrals.